Sunday, February 20, 2011

The perfect day

Yesterday was Olivia's 5th birthday. It was perfect. I was still a little ouchy from having the ports put in. So I was moving around the mall like an old lady. But I was so thankful to be there. She had a ball!
We invited seven of her friends and only 5 were able to make it, but we had the best time at Build a Bear Workshop.
At first I was wondering if we would get our money's worth.I'll tell you what, it was a fabulous party.
There was a hostess who was in charge (which meant the parents didn't have to lift a finger... money well spent right there!)
She was great. I don't know how these girls keep up the energy to do what the do all day long, but she really made O feel like a princess for an hour.

She got to go first at everything they did. Last year O would have been too shy, but this year she ate it up. Her friends were very patient and they were the perfect age for this party. The brothers were not invited (they would have been a touch too young.)
One of O's classmates has an older sister at their school. *I* has taken a real love for Olivia and whenever they see each other in the hall, *I* runs over and gives Olivia a hug.
So Olivia was thrilled to find out that *I* came to her party with her little brother. I don't know too many almost 12 year olds who would willingly and wantingly come to a 5 year old birthday party. So sweet. And I can't think of a better role model for O.
After the party we walked over to the food court for cake and then play time in the play area.
I think 5 year old parties are my fav. All the kids wanted to be near the birthday girl. It had me in tears.
My friend, Courtney, just started a new cake company. It's called Sweet Top Cakery and she's local in Dayton. She made this amazing Rapunzel cake.
Isn't it adorable?!
The tower is made of rice krispie treat and was totally yummy. As was the cake. Everyone was in awe of the cake and I felt terrible cutting it. Okay, not THAT bad because I really wanted a piece.
Which was great since I'm trying to put on a little weight.

It was the perfect day for our family.
I'm so glad that I was able to feel good enough to be a part of things.
It was a special day. And I can hardly believe what a beautiful, sweet, creative, lovely girl Olivia is becoming. I am thankful.


Amber said...

maya is just eating up this post! she's always talking about olivia from her class at apex. :) she looked at this and said, "oh! her fancy skirt! i love when she wears that skirt!" girls are hilarious. they are also flipping out over here over that cake! looks like a fun time had by all! happy birthday to O!!!!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

awesome! so glad it was everything you both hoped for! you look great in the pics, like your old self. And O looks so grown-up and happy! yay for 5!

vwiller said...

What a great day!!

jenny said...

Sounds like it was a perfect 5th bday for Olivia! Glad it worked out to be a stress-free party that O really enjoyed! The pic of you and her is just priceless! I'm sure that cake was a huge hit....impressive! Happy birthday, Olivia!!!

Colleen said...

Perfect cake.
Perfect amount of kids.
Perfect place (not home).
Looks like it was the perfect birthday for Olivia and her parents.

Karen said...

So so glad you decided to wait till after O's special day to start chemo. Looks like it was just wonderful, and you look Beautiful, my friend!!! Really! Thinking of you tonight. Asking the Lord to give you good rest and courage for what the next few days hold. Love you so much! --Karen

Celia said...

Such a sweet, special day! *E* and *I* are so cute and sweet, that is awesome that *I* came! You can tell from the pictures that O was just over the moon with excitement! And that cake... AMAZING! Glad it was such an amazing day! <3

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! That cake is amazing. You look really good to by the way! We did Broderick party this year at the Chaos room and I is great when you don't have to lift a finger. Seems like a lot of money when you book it, then when it is all over you realize, "That was worth EVERY penny!" Glad you had a great time!

Lisa said...

Aw... what a precious post! Olivia is radiant and it's so fun to hear all about the changes in her this year... what a difference! You look fabulous and beautiful E and I have been praying for you all day today. I got a cold this weekend and I think that was the Lord telling me to slow down and pray for you, instead of complaining about a stupid cold, which I am prone to do. Lastly, that cake.... OHMIGOSH!!! Your friend has got SOME talent! ***HUGS****