Friday, January 7, 2011

A reason to smile!

It's birthday eve at our house. And in light of the festivities tomorrow, I'm going to take a break from my depressing entries and get ready to celebrate. I can't believe three years ago tonight, Steve and I sat down to watch the Buckeyes get their butts kicked in the national championship game. A little after half time I traipsed off to bed because I started to feel like there may be contractions coming on (which wasn't a huge surprise, since Turner was 7 days late at that point... the stinker has been stirring the pot from the very start!) Finally, a bit after 1 am I woke Steve, we called our friend who would stay with Olivia and we headed off to the hospital.

We got there and pretty quickly the nurses started freaking out. Apparently, his heart beat dropped real low and the nurses started scurrying around. They called in an OB on call (not my laid back Dr.) They started talking C sections. The nurse broke my water.

At which point Steve started turning pale, getting woozy and all of a sudden the focus went on him. HELLO... I'm over here... the one in labor... the one in pain!!! Eyes on ME, thankyouverymuch (guys are such drama queens, am I right?!) So, after Steve got some juice in him and they turned me on my right side, the heart beat went back up. They got a hold of my laid back OB who strolled in and calmed the nurses (and my husband) down.

They got me into a room where I laid, on my right side for the next 5 hours. You have no idea how hard it is to stay on one side for several hours as you have labor pains. They brought in the epidural (yes ma'am, may I have another!) which I got... another. The first one only took on the one side of my body. Which may be worse then actual contractions because you feel relief on one side and none on the other. They brought me another which finally brought relief. In two short hours it was go time.

I think it took about 3 pushes and out came Turner Paul. Nearly 2 1/2 lbs heavier than his sister (weighing in at 9 lbs.) A pain in the rear from the start. And the apple of my eye.

Tomorrow we will have about 20 kids at the Y for his party. He is fired up and so excited for his Star Wars party. I've secured 20 foam swords for the kids who attend. I can think of nothing better to celebrate who Turner is than a sword fight with his friends. My son, the fearless warrior. He fights from his gut and he laughs from the same place. I can't wait to celebrate my baby!

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vwiller said...

I am days away from beginning to recount the journeys to my kids birthdays. It is interesting to see how other people managed. So glad you had a great day!