Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home again, home again

Real quick (because American Idol is on) I wanted to let you know I got home about 1:30 this afternoon. The ride was bumpy and a bit uncomfortable. It's good to be home. It's good to see my kids. I'm glad to get out of the hospital.

It's scary to be home. It's scary to see my kids and it's scary to be out of the hospital.

Ironic, huh? I know that each day, my body will be feeling better. It is hard to see the light at the end of that tunnel. I am thankful that I had that hernia surgery a few months ago, because I know the reality is, I WILL feel better. Although, probably just in time to feel like hell from chemo.

Seriously, am I about to have chemo? Pray for my mind. I'm struggling some. I'm still trusting God. Still believing that HE is in control. But reality is rushing in like a speeding freight train. Blah.

I have an appointment with Dr. Reid a week from tomorrow, Feb. 3rd. I find out what the schedule is and what my life looks like for the next 4 months. Maybe that will be good. Its the unknown that is so scary. Maybe filling in some blanks will help.

Enough about that. What I need is to concentrate on tomorrow. Getting up, walking, resting, eating and enjoying my kids and spending time with God. I think I can do THAT. One day at a time is so cheesy. But so real to me right now.

How did my blog turn from funny mom blog to heavy cancer blog? Hopefully you won't leave me for funnier pastures. 'Cuz guess what? I need you. I also need some bad singin', so I'll see you tomorrow.


Bailee said...

Mrs. Koproski,
Hello I'm Bailee and I have been reading your blog for a long time. I go to the same church your husband went to before you two were married. I love your posts and how you can find humor in even the worst of times.
I am praying for you and hope your chemo goes well. It will probably be a long road, but God will help you through! He is almighty and all-knowing. He knows what is best for you and where this road is going to take you.
Praying for you,

Jeni said...

Praying for you. The unknown is really scary sometimes. I feel that way with our foster situation. I saw a fridge magnet recently and bought it just so I would have to look at it...It says, "trust an unknown future to an all-knowing God." It has been helpful to me and I hope it will be to you too. Sometimes I just need little reminders that He already knows and has it covered. Still hard to do. Praying for you to have peace that passes all understanding!!

Anonymous said...

HI! I am a friend of Carrie Brown, she recently asked me to be praying for you. I want you to know that each day I will be lifting you up in prayer. I also am the mother of three and can imagine the feelings you are having. Remember that God is the artist painting our life picture, filling in each space, knowing what the end picture will look like. Know that each step of the way is in his hand and that he has a purpose for every trial and day. I know we all wish we could see the final picture at the moment, but rest assured that he is in control, and no one loves you more. Hold firm and know your family in Christ is lifting you up. Looking forward to the day we meet! Love, Jeana Dean

Marisa said...

Praying that tomorrow goes well and that you will have peace about the unknown as each hour passes. I'm sure your kiddos were happy to see you. I'll be praying for their adjustment over the coming weeks. Enjoy the bad singing! :) (I'm watching it right now on our DVR)

Marilyn said...

Hi Elizabeth ...
Just want you to know that I am "tracking" with you via your blogs, and praying for your daily. Trusting that God will continue to show Himself strong in your behalf in very tangible ways. Praying that you will experience the "P"s as I have learned to call them ... His Power; Peace: Presence; Provision; and of course as a mom with young children .... Patience.
All my love, Marilyn Mailloux

Amy Lewis said...

"How did my blog turn from funny mom blog to heavy cancer blog?"

How about funny THIN cancer mom blog...I think you're rocking all of the above...and I know a doctor called you thin.

You are prayed for in Texas -- sweet Anne M. makes sure we remember her loved ones in Ohio. (We wouldn't forget you.) Praying power (healing, faith, comfort) for you tonight at A&M.

Katie said...

hey e! i'm for sure reading your blog and praying for you along with many i'm sure. love you!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Praying for you! Hope your first day with the kiddos went well. I'm sure when you have a better picture of the path ahead of you it will be easier to face. So glad you had a bit of pampering while you were still in the hospital!

jenny said...

I am so glad you are home and able to be with your favorite people! I am praying for the kids and their adjustment to this new "normal". You are on our hearts and minds daily.....and we are committed to walking this journey with you. You may not think so, but your humor and beautiful spirit still shine through on your is not a "heavy cancer" blog to the people who love you!

Angela said...

Hi Elizabeth! Just wanted to say hello and that we are so, so grateful for you and Steve. I just love seeing God at work in other people's's a wonderful reminder that He, indeed, is not absent during our struggles. Our family has been praying for you and our house church spent time in prayer for you last night, as well. Thanks for keeping us updated with grace and humor, but I am most thankful that you are choosing to turn your heart toward Christ in every moment. You are loved! Your sister in Jesus, Angela T.

vwiller said...

I will read, no matter how much not the fun mom blog it becomes! Come on you read mine that becomes oh my goodness I am drowning in the fun mom stuff!

Tree said...

Praying for you this morning. I was just reading that "trust is a golden pathway...when you walk on this path you live above your circumstances." I am praying that for you, that somehow God would make that a reality in the midst of all of this craziness happening! That you would feel a little lighter today and that God would pick you up and place you on that pathway. I wish I could hug you!

The Wellmans said...

E, great to hear you are home. Praying for you to have strength to have another Xenia Metro hang out time soon!

Katie O. said...

I'm not going anywhere...and by the looks of things..none of your other readers are going anywhere either.

Reading your blog is how I stay connected to you. I've been praying for you constantly.
Miss you!!

Papa said...

Hey E,
First of all, I love you.
I'm so glad you're doing so well.

The thoughts you're having are not unusual. But think about the positives. They think they got it all and chemo is just a precautionary backup. No other organs are affected.

I have the same thoughts you have.
Since my prostate cancer surgery in 2004, I have my PSA checked twice/year just to check if those little critters show up again. If they do, I'll have to go thru chemo &/or radiation. But I'm still glad they found it and got it out of me.
One day at a time. Enjoy the joy.
Take care.