Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If the snow won't drive you crazy...

This is what it looks like out my front door. It's a lovely winter scene. We (like most of America today) are scheduled for 3-5 inches by tomorrow morning. It's pretty. It's cold. It's annoying. It's winter in Ohio!

Hello, people. We DON'T live in Georgia. But you would think we did. Things are closing down all over town. For a few inches of snow. In OHIO. Naturally, I was out and about... because a few inches of snow won't keep this mid-westerner down. And as with most snowy days, the streets are fine. You just need to use common sense. It just cracks me up how *surprised* the weather people seem to be that there might be 3-5 inches coming to us in Ohio. I think I complain about this every winter. Maybe I'm the one who needs to change?

What IS surprising to me... the number of socks we go through in a day around here. Seriously, my kids must have some kind of sock allergy. This is our mud room in the back of the house that we enter and exit through every single time. By the end of a day, you would think the 7 Dwarfs lived here. Grrr... the socks are driving me nuts!
And while I'm on the subject of insanity... have you happened to catch the first two episodes of the Bachelor? I can't decide who is more insane, the crazy guy who is back for his second round as the Bachelor because now he's been through some therapy and is a *new man* and is pretty confidant he can commit. Or perhaps it's the 30 women who are giving this guy a second chance with their hearts. Although, I'm not feeling too sorry for these girls. Two chased each other around the mansion last night declaring how annoying the other one was. One turned 30 on last night's episode and she must have announced it was her 30th birthday upwards near one hundred times, like she is the only woman on the planet to have survived to make it to 30. Somebody throw this girl a parade! Or it might be the girl who has dental implants in the shape of fangs. Yep, she is *into* vampires and has permanent fangs. While she is a bit "off" she certainly wasn't the craziest one there (that says a lot!) But I'm pretty sure I am the crazy one for watching this stuff. But it's so much dang fun. Fun to text my friend Susie after every ridiculous thing (I might have to increase my text plan... sorry Steve!)
It's also more fun than gathering and sorting socks.
So take that, just-turned-30-on the Bachelor- girl. I'm the one who deserves a freakin' parade!

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