Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) New Year's Resolution

It's *nap time* around here. Although these days, Olivia never sleeps (she's almost 5) but she does have a required quiet *play in your room* time. And the brothers? They sleep about two out of every seven days. I'm sitting here listening to them chat about swords and shields through the monitor. And smiling.

I just finished lunch, cruised around the blog world a bit and now I'm planning on starting a new book I just picked up at the bookstore after spinning class. Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. I'm very excited to read it. If you don't know who she is, she is the wife of singer/song writer Steven Curtis Chapman. They are huge advocates of adoption and have several daughters adopted from China (their foundation Showhope gave us $2,000 for our adoption.) Their adopted daughter, Maria, was killed in their driveway a few years back when their older son pulled in and didn't see her. While it appears the book is not only about grief and loss, it is Mary Beth's personal walk through life while trusting God. Seems as though I might be able to relate.

Sorry for the downer post yesterday. It seems like life these days just ends up through a certain set of lenses. The lenses are what they are and I guess I need not apologize. But I kind of hate being the downer. But this is such a good place to process and record my thoughts and reflections. And ironically, while I don't necessarily make *New Year's Resolutions*, I have kind of thought to myself over the past week that I'd like to work on smiling more this year.

I've caught a glimpse of some pics of myself that my dad or Steve have taken lately. You know the kind that are taken while you're not paying attention. And I look like a dang sour puss. Shoot, I don't want to look like a Cheshire cat all day, but I certainly don't want to look like I'm mad at the world either.

So there you have it, my big goal for 2011! Getting organized may never happen. Losing 10 lbs seems too lofty. Getting up earlier is for the birds. But smiling more is something I think I can manage. Smiling when I'm frustrated, yes please. Smiling when I'm overwhelmed, bring it on. Smiling when it's a choice rather than a natural response, I'll give it a whirl.

Feel free to remind me of my goal in about three days when I'm back to *normal.* Now I've got to get back to smiling, smiling is my favorite! (bonus points if you know the movie that comes from!)


Amber said...

elf of course. :) and that's a GREAT resolution and good inspiration for me to smile more as well!

jenny said...

Smiling more seems like a great new year's resolution...I may give that a shot as well. And you will love "Choosing to See"...in a hard, emotional, raw, Jesus-pursuing kind of way....it's a sad but very authentic read! Definitely worth it!