Monday, January 17, 2011

38 is the new 70!

Happy MLK Day to you. Mine did not start out exactly as planned. We all got up and were getting dressed and ready to head out to the Y. Steve has off from work today so he was going to go with us. Before we left, I had to make a quick phone call to schedule some tests that my doctor ordered for me. I had been hoping to schedule them last week but wasn't able to. The guy on the other end of the phone let me know I could get in this morning and that the tests would be about 3 hours long. Gulp. It's now or never, dude.

One test was some blood work that required fasting, and thankfully, I called before I had poured my first cup of joe. The other was a Cat Scan of my abdomen, which also would require fasting. It would also require me to drink 36 oz. of water with some *undetectable* iodine in it. (I'm pretty sure I could detect it. Every last oz. of it!) Bleck.

Steve was off with the kids to the Y and I was off to be poked and prodded with needles for the morning.

Back in December, my doctor diagnosed me with IBS and instructed me to take fiber pills, drink more water and exercise. If I didn't feel better, I was to call him in Jan. Thus my need for tests. He's still pretty convinced it's IBS. On one hand, I hope that is all it is. I'm really not asking for something worse. But on the other hand, if it is IBS, pretty much I have to live with it and too bad for me. And to spare you the gory details, the reality of living with this abdominal bloating is disheartening to say the least. I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant (which I assure you, I am not) and am worried I'm going to have to start answering some awkward questions if this doesn't subside.

The doctor thinks the IBS (if that's what it is for sure) is due to stress. But here's the thing... how the heck do you de-stress your life?? Trying to figure that out is stressing me out! One thing I've been thinking is that the grief of my mom's death is slowly eating away at me. There is a program called Griefshare at a nearby church that begins in February. I'm going to sign up for that. I hope it helps.

In the meantime, I'm at a loss for how to gain some relief. And believe you me, I've tried (just about) it all. *Smooth Move* organic tea, fiber pills, lots of veggies, prune juice. I feel like what I need is a big gigantic pin to pop the balloon that is my innards. Lovely, right?

So for now, just call me mamaw, rub my corns and reserve me a room at the *home.* 'Cuz I'm just about there!


Colleen said...

How frustrating! I hope the docs figure something out so you can get some relief. Griefshare sounds like it could be a really good thing for you, too.

Your last line really cracked me up! Do you ever watch the show "Raising Hope"? Cloris Leachman plays "Memaw" who is constantly getting into crazy situations and is delusional. It is a riot and now I will think of YOU when I watch!

Karen said...

oh, man... just wrote a long msg and it got deleted... ok... i'll try to tell you in an email or text later.

tricia k said...

Have you tried to go completely gluten free for a week? - it sounds like all the symptoms - might be worth a try. Praying for you!