Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party time

Yesterday was the big day. Turner's third birthday AND his party. We went to our Y and rented out the party room along with time in the tunnel and mat room. We did the same for O's birthday last year. For a winter party, you just can't beat the space to run around and have fun.

We had lunchables for the kids and pizza for the adults. It was a hit.

Turner wanted a Star Wars party. Which is really funny to me since he's never seen the movie and doesn't really know the story. He has one book (The Clone Wars) where the story is so complicated that I don't even understand it. Not to mention, it's a 3-D book (my thoughts exactly) and you KNOW we lost/broke the 3-D glasses the second day we owned the book. So, not only is the story confusion, the pictures give you a migraine to look at them. He loves it nonetheless and chooses it every time it's his turn to choose a bedtime story. Lovely.

Suffice it to say, he was thrilled with his cake (PS for all of you grown ups out there, that is Cpt. Rex on the cake. In my day the true hero was Hans Solo. But my boy knows Cpt. Rex. It just ain't right.)

After time running in the mat room and climbing in the tunnel room, I brought out the best part of the party.

I bought 20 foam swords in the dollar section at Target and ended the party with a huge sword fight. I think every kid (girls alike) had a blast.
Even our friend, Chris, got in the action. I had a really cute video on my camera of the kids hitting him with their swords, but for some reason it wouldn't upload. Stupid technology (because it certainly isn't me to blame!)

It was not a fancy party. Nor was it particularly organized.

But I think it was perfect for who Turner is.
We celebrated him well.

And I don't think there is anything better than a kid party that fits a kid to a T.

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