Friday, January 29, 2010

A bunch of sickos

TGIF. Although it won't look much like a weekend around our house. Steve is in charge of and has been planning a weekend-long retreat for about 300 college students from around the region. We're super excited about it and our very own pastor, Rob Turner, is the main speaker. With everything kicking off tonight, I've secured a babysitter for this evening so that I can go and enjoy dinner and the first session with the 25 UD students who are attending. Its going to be super fun.

But I wasn't so sure it was going to be as of last night. Steve and I went out on a date. Kind of our usual (so usual in fact, our babysitter just laughed when she heard what we were up to.) Shopping and then dinner. I still have gift cards from Christmas that had yet to be used and was in desperate need (although I use that word loosely in light of world catastrophes and all) of some make up. I've been using remnant of concealer and foundation for nearly 2 months now. But the thought of taking 3 kids into Sephora is my own personal hell. We can barely make it through Kroger where they are secured in a cart. Can you imagine the *fun* they could have with the million tubes of sample lipsticks? Lordhavemercy.

So, off we went to our local "shopping towne center." All of our good stores have moved out of the mall and into this outdoor, walk your butt a mile from one good store to another, location. Fine when its spring, summer or fall. But when you live in Ohio in the middle of January and your high is 20 degrees in the heat of the day, strolling around the towne center is not so much fun. But hey, when duty calls!

After we froze ourselves pretty good, we headed to our favorite Indian restaurant. I loaded up on my fav... chicken tikka sagg. Oh it is spicy heaven on earth. Their scale is 1-6 and I like mine at a 5. On our ride home I noticed I was feeling a little *off*. I even mentioned to Steve I was glad we shopped first, because it's no fun to try on pants when your bloated. By the time I went to bed at 10 (I couldn't get warm) I was full blown nauseous. By 11:15 I was revisited by my chicken tikka sagg- spice level 5. Oh, please, for the love of all things good in this world, promise me you'll never throw up anything spicier than a 2!!!! Torture, I tell you. This morning, I woke up feeling fine. Tired but fine. Its the weirdest thing. I feel like I've battled these weird throw up spells for the past 6 months. But what do you do? Go into the doctor and say, "Hey doc, sometimes I throw up and I don't know why." Good luck with that!

Also, by way of update, my dad is home from the hospital. He was released on Wednesday evening. He is feeling tons better but we still don't know the actual diagnosis. The verdict is still out on a rare lung disease. But I guess since he is improving without the treatment for the disease, they are leaning away from that diagnosis. Thanks for your prayers and concerns. Thankfully we are nearly out of January for another year. My mom is a week or two away from coming home as well. I, for one, will feel tons better when they are both home and we are safely into the month of February. But hey, its a good thing I'm not superstitious!


cindy said...

Did you get any "rrrriiiice PUDding" with your tikka? Glad you're better.

Connie D. said...

Ok so I am not even sure I've ever commented before, but for some reason I feel compelled to suggest that perhaps you write down exactly what you ate each time you experience this, and then see if you can find a common thread. I think I've read of at least 3 episodes of this on your blog, and maybe others have happened that you haven't shared. Seems like it must be food or allergy related (in my totally non-medical opinion!). Glad you are feeling better. Have fun this weekend!