Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm smack dab in the middle of marathon madness. Our weekend was great. The retreat was a success. I'm wiped out! But, no rest for the weary! Today at 8:30 am we had painters arrive to paint the kitchen and guys arrived an hour later to tear our bathroom apart.
Pretty much its all drop cloths and sawdust. Its been a day of trying to keep kids out of wet paint and gooey grout. Its a stretch for any mommy. Thankfully because of the retreat, Steve took the day off and I had some help.
Tomorrow will be a different story! On my own to keep 3 little stinkers out of the line of fire. Who thought re-doing 1/4 of our house in the dead of winter would be a good idea?? Oh well, here we are. And did I mention that leaves us shower-less until Friday. Yummy.
I am strategically working out at the Y in order to work in some shower time. My kids are a different story. Thankfully, I hop on a plane at the butt crack of dawn on Thursday and then showers for kids... no longer my problem. (oh, was that out loud?) Our church is sending me to a conference in Austin, TX. I'm really excited about the content and the adventure with some fun people from Church. Not to mention getting to a place where the temps are above freezing.
So, wish me luck as I try to keep every one alive tomorrow. Do or die, is that too drama?

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Lisa said...

hysterical!!! yes, a little too much drama! but that's you. i love your drama!