Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cloudy with the chance of crazy!

I woke up this morning and there was a big fiery ball in the sky. Some say it is the sun, but I know not of what they speak! In fact the fiery ball was so bright in the sky, I needed a pair of special glasses to protect me from its blinding rays. I enjoyed it and I hope it stays.

The winter blahs have definitely been taking their toll on our family. The 2 two year olds (with a bit of help from their 3 year old sister) have already put a hole in the jump house so we are back to the drawing board on how to get the crazies out.

Let me tell you, one way to NOT do it is by taking them all for a family outing to the grocery store for your big weekly run. 'Cuz all that'll do is make the mama crazy! And blast you, Kroger, anyhow. By the time we rounded the corner to the bakery where the promised "if you behave yourself and stop trying to throw your sibling from the cart, I'll let you have a free cookie" cookie usually lives, we found out this is the day they were plumb out of free cookies. Ack. That was right about the same time Olivia decided she couldn't wait to go home to use the potty (naturally 3 minutes after I had hit the frozen food section.) So I did a very interesting dance between the bathroom and the full cart of food as well as the brothers who were trying to escape the dreaded "car cart." If you've used one, or have been trapped in the cereal aisle by some one using one, you know why its dreaded!

We made it. I saved $85 by taking advantage of a sweet sale/coupons. No one died or lost a limb. (The verdict is still out on my sanity, however.) All in all a fine trip.

There was one Turner report that made me smile yesterday. I picked the boys up from the Y child care. I get a daily Turner report, now that he's 2 he is acting the part. The ladies were smiling and said that Turner was very "obedient" today. He went up to a little girl and was about to hit her. The ladies said, "Turner, keep your hands to yourself." He smiled and folded his hands. Then, he kicked her instead.

Hey, if they are nothing else, my kids are creative! Creative I say.

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jenny from mommin' it up said...

Love that Turner anecdote!! What a booger! I keep telling you to let me keep a kid or two while you go to the grocery. I mean especially if there is a Mega-Event going on!!