Monday, January 4, 2010

A rose by any other name...

So... I was going to post some pictures of life/the kids/the holidays tonight. But the thing is.. it's really cold out. I mean REALLY cold out and my camera is in the van. That would require me going out in that cold weather, and honestly, I'm just not that committed to posting pictures tonight.

Instead, I accidentally turned on the season premiere of The Bachelor- on the wings of love (do they always give it a cheesy subtitle??). I've never actually seen a season opener of the show. I've actually never seen more than a few episodes of any season. (Although I did happen to catch the entire season of More to Love...the bachelor's second cousin.) Oh my word... I'm not sure I've ever spent 2 hours being more uncomfortable... EVER. I guess I didn't know that it was such a competition. The girls got out of the limo and most of them had a gimmick, to make a first impression- I guess. Gross. How did this guy not send some of them right back to the limo they came in on? Ugh.

And the bubbies! Oh the bubbies on display.

Then as if it wasn't bad enough they played football. What the flippity flap.. football in evening gowns with bubbies all over the place. I wanted to reach through the tv and shake this guy. The SAME guy who declared God as his top priority. Wake up... you will NOT find true love this way. Everybody knows you can only find true love via a good game of soccer in formal wear, duh!

Seriously, I nearly crawled under my chair. I wanted the horror to end. I guess I could have just turned the channel or better yet, shut the whole idiot box off entirely, but by this point I was committed. Committed to find out if they could get any more ridiculous. Oh my, they did NOT disappoint. Some girl went and put on a sleazy little flight attendant Halloween costume. You know, the kind they sell in those Costume shops that pop up in every strip mall for the month of October. (She got a rose by the way, are you kidding me?)

The show is now over. I'm feeling like I can come out from under the chair. And I'm hoping that I do not get sucked into 8 more weeks of this stuff. Well, one of these days the weather will finally break, I'll retrieve my camera and then I will be able to stop being victimized. Because that is what I am here, a tv victim. 'Cuz you know if I lived in some place warm, I'd probably only watch PBS and write really smart posts... with pictures and stuff.

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