Friday, January 22, 2010

Up to speed

I have about 40 blogs that I keep up with. Most are written by people I don't know. Some are friends of friends. And then there are a handful of people I actually know and may even consider friends (hopefully the same would be said of me!)

I'm always amazed that these people seem to find SOMETHING to write about. I had been devoted to some over the past 2 years but have dropped them because they either a.) never update (and that drives me BONKERS) or b.) are boring, preachy or uninteresting.
Does that make me a blog snob? If so, I can live with that.

The point is, I found myself going to write a post this week and finding nothing to say. I'm fearful you'll drop me 'cuz I don't update. Or worse. 'Cuz I'm uninteresting. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

Drop me if you will, but my post today is just a bit of hodge podge to bring you up to speed.

1. Extreme Home Makeover: bathroom edition. It was going full force and then we might have gotten a bit too big for our britches. We've decided to hire some *English as a second language* friends to install tile in our shower and to our floor. Its gonna be awesome, but its going to be a few weeks until Tony can come and do it. And when he does, it's going to take 4-5 days. Ummm... he needs to take the toilet out and NO SHOWER for that time. Have I mentioned it's our only shower? It could get dicey around here!

Steve started painting the walls. The color is nice. But its taking awhile. When you have 3 little kids you have rather small windows to get a job done. Its not done.

The cabinets and sink can't go in until the tile is down. The back wall can't be painted until the medicine cabinet is ripped out and dry walled. Yep. Definitely too big for our britches.

2. We had a realtor come and check out the house to put it back up on the market. Basically she said, "You haven't done jack to your house... you need to ask waaaaayyyyy less than you did last time." Oh, "And paint your kitchen." Great. Its taking a week to get the little bathroom painted and she wants us to paint the whole kitchen. What have we gotten ourselves into?

3. My dad is having a lung biopsy in about an hour and a half. What we thought was pneumonia may actually be some crazy rare lung disease. Hopefully the biopsy will let them know for sure that it is/isn't. We're praying for isn't. Pray with us if you would!

4. Saw the movie Book of Eli this week. Crazy movie! If you love Denzel- go see it. If you hate violence and hands being chopped off- don't.

5. My friend, Susie, left this morning for Rwanda to pick up her son, Charlie. She's going to blog about it when/if the Internet allows. Follow her journey with me, if you like.

6. Two kid birthday parties this weekend. Finish painting the bathroom. And Supernanny tonight.

Consider yourself up to speed.

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Colleen said...

E, what's going on with your Dad? Any more news? I'm praying for him!