Sunday, January 24, 2010

Take two asprin and call me in the morning

Hung over! That's what I am this weekend. From all the partying we did.

It was back to back kiddie parties for our family.

And apparently this is Olivia's new party pose...
lovely, isn't it?
This is a fun new phase for our family. Parties for kids who are friends with ALL three of our kids.
Pizza. Cake. Juice. Big empty spaces to run and go crazy.
Paradise when you're 2 and 2 and 3!
Pandemonium when you're 37 and 38!
Party 2 was at a Chuckie Cheese knock off. It was the craziest Saturday night Steve and I have spent in a long time.

The kids had a B.L.A.S.T.
Turner loved the games. The lights. The music.
Quinn loved the pizza. The cake. The candy he won at the end of the night.

She loved being with friends.

Somehow she managed to snuggle up to both birthday boys each time they blew out their candles. It was kinda funny.
As for me? I gotta get crakin' on planning my own 4 year old birthday party next month. We were going to rent out a bounce house until I checked on the cost. We're going to the Y instead. I appealed to my daughter's greed (oops) by telling her if we had the party at the bounce house she only got 1 present from mom and dad but if she chose the Y, she could have 3. She chose the Y~! Hey, it was either appeal to greed or take out a second mortgage on our home for her party. Cut a mama some slack. I learned a valuable lesson... ALWAYS do research before introducing idea to child.


Cortney @ said...

Ha Ha!! We are definitely partied out too! WOW! Glad the boys could hang with your kiddos! O is so sweet to Carter! Carter didn't realize that another kid could be so nice to him, since Evan has him convinced otherwise : )!!

cindy said...

Just a warning from a mom's who been there and made a few mistakes. O is at the age where birthday traditions will begin. I'd ask other mom's of older kids what they wish they had done instead for their kid's parties. I've heard everything from: a party every other year, or invite the number of kids for the age, so if 4 then 4 kids invited, or instead of a bunch of presents the kids bring books and exchange... just a warning about all of the presents your kids get... we had over 20 Barbies at one time. Ugh!

Bethany said...

Um, are those PONYTAILS I spy in O's hair?!?! What? When did that start working for ya? Did you have to buy into greed for that too? :)