Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Did you ever see the Shining?

By far the most horrible movie I've ever seen!
But honestly, if we spend one more week where the temperature doesn't go above 20 degrees, we may have a massacre on our hands. The natives are RESTLESS! Can't you just see it in her eyes?

I'm pretty sure the reason the boy in that movie had to ride that bike up and down the hallways and go all crazy 'n stuff is because he never got a Little Tikes bounce house!
Thanks to the power of the Internet and a blog I love to read called KJ the DJ I made the wonderful discovery of an inflatable indoor jump castle.

Just what the doctor ordered for the string of sub-freezing days we've had and nearly two 2 yr. old boys.

I can NEVER get Turner to smile for a picture but do you see that ear to ear grin as he pounces on his brother! Thankfully you can't hear Quinn's screams of notsomuch delight from where you are!
My lesser favorite things about the bounce house.. the static. Oh my the hair around this place is atrocious.

As are the sparks that fly when one of the kids gets out and wants to touch me. Is it bad that my motto these days is, "Get away from me. Don't come near me. And don't even think of touching me."
I love this action shot.

This is a pre-naptime shot.

Yes kids, get it all out. Bounce 'til you drop.

Just don't touch me when you're done.
I'm not sure Turner understands that this isn't just for him. He is a total maniac. I love the delights, squeals and occasional (or regular) growls that come out of this otherwise reserved boy.

Speaking of T-bone...he turns two on Friday. And I'm afraid he's got one of those birthdays that falls just a little too close to the holidays, because I've got just about nothing planned for him.

Oops. I finally ordered him a cake yesterday and invited some friends over to jump on Friday. I might throw in a pizza and a gift if I can manage. Do you think it will scar him for life?
Here he is in a time out (Turner spends half of his jump time in time out!) and do you think it looks like its teaching him a lesson?
Can't you just see him plotting his next move of terror?! Yep, he is our crazy one. Terrible two's here we come. At least now it will be official.
So if you don't hear from us for awhile just know that either the cold or the crazies got to us.
Heeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee'sssss Turner.

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Katie O. said...

i kept meaning to point out the shinning poster in KU to you today. haha. i hope you saw it. (it was in the hallway between the hangar and KU)