Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't send gifts, just send $ for future therapy

Tuner is 2 today. Just look at that cheeky little grin that says, "I'm plotting and planning and you better hope you can catch me, lady!"

I love this little boy and I LOVE birthdays, but I have to say, I'm worried I'm going to scar this guy for life. I have a million excuses and I won't get into all of them here, but lets just say we don't *exactly* have a gift for him. And by *exactly* I guess I mean, he ain't gettin' nothin'. Oops. (This is where I direct you back to the Chirstmas post and ask if you still feel sorry for him?!)
I never would have dreamed this little (9lb) peanut would go giftless by the time he was two.

Can't you just see it in my eyes? All the dreams of grandeur, now being a mother of two... not to mention the 70 extra pounds.

Apparently, I used pregnancy as a real good excuse to have an extra cake or two. But I do have to say... I did like my hair back then!
Gosh, if we had only known back then what the Lord would have in store. Little did we know back on January 8, 2008 we were actually having *twins.* Not a medical miracle, an adoption miracle.

And can we just talk about my folically challenged little girl? Oh my. I guess time really does heal all wounds because I had actually forgotten how really rough her hair was... for about 3 years. Wow.
(And oh my... I could barely stand to put that photo of me on the Internet... but lets just call it a commercial for the power of Weight Watchers.)
And just look at this proud big sister. She has always been so sweet with her brother. Except for when she's not.
Oh well.
In spite of her hair, don't you love how she was rockin the zebra print? I loved that dress. sigh
I can hardly believe Turner was so little.
Here is a fun fact about T-bone. He was born sporting a faux-hawk. No kidding. He was all the rage with the nurses because they thought it was hysterical. And it was. And he was so cute. And still is.
And then just a few short weeks later, he replaced the faux-hawk with a tiara.
That may have been the LAST time he allowed such tom foolery from his sister. In fact, just yesterday he grabbed her around the waist and tackled her to the ground. Oh boy.
Olivia was born at 6 & 1/2 lbs. My whole pregnancy the doctor said that we tend to have the same sized babies. So I was banking on a smallish guy. Despite my weight gain, I was measuring a rather small baby (hrmph!) so you can imagine my surprise when they weighed him in at 9 lbs. The stinker.
And now... here he is at two.
I am still as in love with this little boy as much as that first hold... maybe more.
If truth be told (and you know I don't hold back) I'm not a baby lover. Give me a kid who can walk and talk and express them self any day.
And this kid is such a unique mix of tough guy and tender heart. I love his little voice and his gentle (sometimes) hugs.
He is physical and strong and L.O.V.E.S his daddy. He melts my heart when he looks at me and says "Sorry, mommy." And my heart gets melted multiple times a day... there's a lot to be sorry for when you're Turner.
So even though he's not getting stuff for his birthday today, he's getting a ton of love, smiles and hugs from his mama. I can't get enough of him and today, he's MY gift.
Thanks God, for Turner Paul.

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Tree said...

happy birthday, turner! thanks for all of your great updates. it is so fun to keep up with you and the fam. love you guys!