Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At least I didn't resolve to be on time!

2010 seems to be starting out a wee bit behind the 8 ball seeing as how I'm just NOW getting our Christmas pics posted.

Oh well, who doesn't need a little Christmas on the 5th of January, right?!

Our re-cap (which got a little long, so if you're not family... I totally understand if you skip the whole dang post and wait for something better to come along!) of Christmas Eve/Christmas morning starts with O's dress-up display for Santa. "In case he doesn't know who lives here!" Good thinking... there's no mistaking this house.
*She later re-thought the dress ups being out and cleaned up before guests came over that evening.
The kids opened one gift each that evening.
They each got a new pair of Christmas jammies.

This shot was taken only a few hours before Turner barfed all over his new jammies. That's what I get for sending my kids to church in pj's. On our way to the service he projectile'd all over himself and the seat in front of him. Thus the moose jammies in all the remaining photos!
We left apples for the reindeer too. O insisted on it.
Stockings hung by the fake chimeney with care.
She called this her candy cane face. Don't try that at home!
This kid thinks America is pretty cool. October 25th you walk around to your neighbor's homes and they give you candy. Then 2 months later you hang a sock up and voila... more candy.
God Bless America!
Santa came through! Its the make up (monstrosity) table, just like she asked for. Girlfriend was beside herself! So was I when I saw just how horrifically ugly the thing really is.
An artist is born.
We get to find room for ANOTHER big toy. Yay.

And... wait for it... a bouncy castle. Do you hear the hallelujah chorus in the background?
Followed by a bunch of boos as we need to make room for a 6x6 inflatable jump yard.
Hopefully, Santa's bringing us a new home.
Finally, the grand daddy of them all... a train table.

Yes, this was the year of the GINORMOUS toy at our house. But all incredibly worth it. I'm not sure I've ever seen 3 happier kids.

And all of this because a king became a baby. Thanks Jesus. It seems rather trite to say. But, Happy Birthday to our God and King. (who do you think picked out the cake? Pink flowers and all). We ended our celebration with a round of Happy Birthday Jesus in English and Chinese.
So, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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cindy said...

Yeah... I'm not a relative, but I sure enjoyed the pics. Thanks for braving the cold and getting your camera!