Friday, April 10, 2009

Taking responsibility

On Tuesday I did something I used to think was for old women. I got my first mammogram. I have to admit, when my OBGYN suggested it was time for me to get one the first thought that ran through my mind was, no way am I old enough for one of "those." But he suggested between 35 and 36 is a good time to get one and since I'm inching up on 37, I thought I'd better get is scheduled. And once Quinn gets home, I'm just not sure how much "me" time there's gonna be for awhile.

So, Tuesday afternoon rolled around and Steve stayed home with the kids. I decided to not get all worked up about it and to treat it like a treat. (Hey, whatever works!) I got there about 10 minutes early, took a book and settled in for a moment of quiet. Unfortunately, this office was very efficiently run and I had little time to read.

After going through the usual medical rigmarole, they took me back to the little changing room where they gave me a heated robe to put on. I have to say it was scrumptious. Next I went to another little waiting room with more questions etc. Then it was off to the dreaded test.

I feel like over the years I've heard horror stories. Painful. Embarrassing. Etc. Well, this was not my experience. Now, I'm not saying I'd like to do this every day or anything. But as far as medical procedures go, this just wasn't that bad. Perhaps a tad bit on the uncomfortable side as the tech had to position "things" just right, but come on, she's a professional. It's just not that weird.

I got the results back today and everything is clear. The two days of waiting were a bit nerve wracking. For me, ignorance is bliss. But not this time, not with something like this.

So if you are leery of getting a mammogram, don't be. Take it from me, the biggest wimp in the world- do yourself a favor and get yourself checked. Maybe you'll be luckier than I was and run into a hopelessly slow office and get a book read.


Colleen said...

I have the referral slip on my fridge to get my first mamm. Knowing your (lack of) pain tolerance, I believe it won't be too bad. I'll call on Monday. Unless I wimp out. I don't think I told you but my Mom had breast cancer a couple years ago and went through radiation. She is convinced it was caused by hormone replacement therapy, but you never know, it could be in my genes.

cindy said...

OK, Life is just not fair. For me there was NO heated robe, but rude NYers and an inefficient office. The exam made my eyes water. They pulled skin around from my spine to the front of my body and continued to COMPRESS! Then they made mistakes and had to do it again because my hair was in the way. Then they found something suspicious and I had to wait 3 weeks for another test... That is only one expereince of my many YUCKY mammograms. In the end it was good as it was 3 weeks of choosing to trust Jesus with my future and to not choose worrying.

Traci said...

First, I'm so glad that it went well and wasn't a bad experience for you. Secondly, I'm super glad that I'm still like 4 years away from needing one. ha ha!