Monday, April 27, 2009

But wait... it gets better!

As if a fabulous Sunday at the zoo isn't enough to make a family ecstatic... how about our LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE (LOA) arriving just under the 4 month mark.

It's true!!! As of today we are OFFICIALLY going to be Quinn's forever family. Our adoption agency coordinator just called Steve to let us know that our LOA is in the mail to our house as we speak. What does that mean???

1.) It means that China has approved us to adopt Quinn and they can't give him away to anyone else.
2.) We now move on to the next step. Send this signed LOA and a cover letter to the consulate in China where they will return it stamped. (should take 3-4 weeks.)

3.) Move on to the next step. (Not exactly sure what that one is) but it should take another 3-4 weeks.

4.) Then we wait for our final travel plans. Another 3-4 weeks. So... in 9-12 weeks we will be going to pick our little boy (who turns 19 months May 10th, fyi Turner turns 16 months on May 8th.) We are looking at traveling late June early July. It would be the coolest birthday gift ever if I got to travel on my birthday (June 21st.)

Interesting fact, I've spent 7 of my last 10 birthdays in China. It would be great to make it 8 out of 10.

So, we are thrilled beyond words!

Just a fun God story for you, just last week I started praying that God would bring that LOA to us before May 1. You see, May 1st is a big national holiday and pretty much the country shuts down for a whole week. I was kind of thinking maybe there would be a big push before the holiday to get stuff done before they closed down for a week. I asked God to put our file at the top of the heap. Some may call it coincidence. I call it my God caring for us and answering a specific prayer and gearing up to give a little orphan boy in China a family this summer. Thank you, Lord!


Susie said...

congrats! that's great!

Mommin' It Up! said...

God showing off again...LOVE IT!!!

Colleen said...

Wonderful news, E!!!

Traci said...

What great news!!! Congratulations! We're so so so excited for you guys...and for Quinn.