Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brothers Grimm have nothing on us!

Last night the kids and I were on our way back home from the Y. The noise from the day had taken it's tole on me and I decided to drive with the radio off. Usually the radio is a nice distraction from the incessant ramblings from the backseat. But last night, for some reason, I was willing to take my chances! Hearing Nickelback one more time would have just sent me over the edge.

With the radio off and Turner silently starring out the window I glanced back to see O talking to her newly acquired PINK dog from Victoria's Secret (ahh... a blessing and a curse to work with college girls!) She was telling her new dog, whose name is "Potater" by the way (????) a story. It started out like this,

"I have travelled a long way. I came all the way from China. And when I got here I met baby Jesus. And the baby Jesus was crying. And I said, 'baby Jesus, don't cry.' But he cried wah wah wah anyway. He was crying because he had two really mean step sisters. They pulled his hair and stole his shoes. Poor baby Jesus."

And then I'm sure there was more but I got lost in my own thoughts about my parenting skills. Umm... my child doesn't go on trips to Disneyland in her imagination like most kids her age, she goes to China. The baby Jesus part is good in my book, I'm just not sure which translation of the Bible includes his two evil step sisters. Clearly fact and fiction are crossing wires in her brain. She was concerned this Easter about the whole crown of thorns thing! Potentially that got translated to hair pulling?

The girl certainly has some complexities for a 3 year old. This morning I heard a scream and a whimper. About 2 minutes later she came into the room I was in and said, "Baxter bit me." So being the compassionate tender hearted mother that I am my first response was, "What did you do to him?" Her answer, "I was antagonizing him." She is certainly not short on words! Perhaps a future blogger? We shall see. In the meantime, I'll just keep stealing her thunder!

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