Friday, April 24, 2009

The sweetest thing

This has been one of those weeks that I have been absolutely in love with my kids. (Yes, we've had our moments. Like the one where I was accidentally singing along with Aeriel and Olivia informed me, "Aeriel sings beautiful, Mama. You don't." Thanks, Simon Cowel, I really needed that brutal honesty from a 3 year old music critic.) But all in all, this has been one of those rare weeks where I found my children nearly angelic. I mean, just look at this guy. I love a man in uniform double fisting himself some goldfish crackers...mmmmm mmmmm.
But what really got me during that same goldfish snack episode was when Olivia called Turner over to share HER crackers with him. (She didn't even know I was watching.) He waddled up, opened his mouth like a little bird and she dropped it in. They repeated this ritual about 4 times, until O realized Turner had a bowl full of his own crackers. She demanded he share with her, he protested and cute moment over. But until all hell broke loose, my eyes were welling up with tears over the whole sweet episode.
After a moment or two, the post-goldfish brawl dust had settled; Turner walked up to O, put his head on her shoulder and rested there for a good 30 seconds. After about 5 of those seconds, O put her hand on his head and rubbed his hair. Oh my heart swooned.
Because normally, this is what you get out of her! Crazy face and loud mouth. So these few tender sweet moments I just want to steal away. And I'm no dummy, this may not last through their tween years... but a girl can dream, right?!

And rounding out my sweet week, brings a bitter sweet touch. Alli, a student at UD, has been a great friend and trusted babysitter for years. In fact the summer before Turner was born, Alli lived with us. She graduates next weekend and becomes an officer in the US Army. (And I'm warning you now, girl might just be the first soldier tromping around a foreign dessert in 5 inch heels! Look out, US Army!)
I've attempted to explain to Olivia that we won't be able to see Alli for a long time because she's moving far away. I'm not sure her 3 year old mind understands what that means (and maybe that is a good thing.) I can be sad enough for the both of us.
It is so sweet to see my kids light up when a fun and trusted babysitter comes over. My kids do, for the most part, really well when we leave. Sometimes I'm afraid they do almost too well. Come on guys, one tear? One yell out for don't leave us, mama!? Maybe for my own poor self-esteem I need to find babysitters who aren't so fun and beautiful. I can see the add now, "Wanted: boring ugly babysitter who will watch kids for pitiful pay." Great strategy, huh?

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