Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Breakfast Club

Did you ever watch The Breakfast Club or St. Elmo's Fire and wonder why you don't have friends like that? (And then you remember that you're not 19 anymore and that you actually have life responsibilities that keep you from hanging out at the local watering hole or out of all day Saturday suspension.)
Since I've been married these past 6 years, Steve and I have had an amazing group of friends that we not only work with but who we play with. We've done a ton of life together. Good stuff and hard stuff. Some of the friends have come and gone, passed through and one good friend has even passed on to be with Jesus (I painfully remembered the 2nd anniversary of that lovely friend, Liz's, passing yesterday. Friday would have been her 29th birthday.)
But through the past 6 years 8 of us in particular have really remained true. And in about a month, 2 of those really good friends are moving to Ann Arbor, MI. I am truly heartbroken.
Their kids are my kids' first and best friends. Sarah and Colby have been my closest co-workers and some of my dearest friends. We celebrated one last hurrah last night at Thai 9, a favorite (for most of us) and a walkable 2 blocks from our house. We played games and laughed and ate cake afterward. Since having kids, life needs to be a bit more planned and structured, but it sure is nice to have a close knit group of friends to pal around with. And for now, I'm still pretending that we'll all be around when August hits and I'll deal with it then. Here's to our grown up (and PG rated) version of St. Elmo's Fire!

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