Monday, April 6, 2009

A silver lining

Although having an on-going finger infection has been a real pain in the rear (Literally! The anti biotic has given me an *ackhem* digestive issue) today I found a silver lining. Thanks to my friend Jenny over at Mommin' It Up for watching Olivia so I could head back to the doctor for my oozing finger with only one child in tow. After finding out I need a stronger medication, a light bulb of pure optimism appeared brightly over my head.
I saw a coupon for a $10 Target gift card for any new or transferred prescription, and thankfully, my CVS takes competitors' coupons. A $10 CVS gift card would time up nicely with some fine little sales this week. So after naps, we bundled up, braved the SNOW and headed over to CVS where they did, indeed, honor my coupon. I walked out of CVS with all of this stuff- NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET, $.86 left on my gift card and 16 ECB's in my pocket.
Pinch me, am I dreamin??? Free diapers, Free baby wash, Free shaving cream, Free diet coke , and Free Dunkin Donuts coffee (and if you have not tried DD coffee, promise me you will. It's heaven on earth!) If my husband was ever a skeptic, its time for a big fat apology!~~ And if you, dear friend/family member/ random blog reader have not found the beauty of sticking it to the man (aka couponing) I suggest you give it a try. It is a high that is safe and legal.


Mommin' It Up! said...

Sticking it to the Man! LOVE IT! You crack me up! Great job on those sweeeeeet deals! I am super-impressed!

Gina said...

hey, i was home in the states for about 3 months in the winter and omg, yah... coupons, such a high! I could not believe the huggies gentle care $5 coupon on - i printed from everyone's computer in my family!! HAHA