Thursday, April 23, 2009

No such thing as a free lunch

Well, how about free breakfast? I did remember my CVS gift card this week! So with the help of the gift card and 16 ECB's and some ok coupons, I was able to get all of this (2 boxes of cereal, 2 packs of napkins, 1 shaving gel, 3 bottles of Mentos gum- which I find to be yuck, but Olivia really likes it, 1 20 ct. Advil PM and a tube of Crest toothpaste) for FREE. And I got 8 ECB's (or CVS dollars) to use at my next trip and I still have $5 left on my gift card.
To be honest, I felt a bit disappointed that I didn't wheel and deal for more ECB's but I had the kids with me (everyone scream with me now!) and this included TWO trips to the potty during our 20 minute stay. (And we're talking the kind of potty where you have to get the manager so he can unlock the door. And then you gag the whole time you're in there= nasty potty!)
I also had a really great Target run this week, but I'll spare you the details. Don't you know that as soon as I got home we got the mail and waiting for me was a $100 Target gift card. (Our credit card gives us options for our spending and we chose to cash in on Target money.) Oh well, helpful in the future. So that's a look at my shopping adventures this week, good luck to you this week.

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