Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One step away from The Shining!

Can't you just see it in Turner's eyes? Cabin fever is officially here. Winter in Ohio stinks! We'd take a 50 degree day (shoot, we'd even take
a 30 degree day) where we could head over to the park for some fresh air. But instead we are watching our fair share of movies, going to the Y and ....

inventing new games. This is one of O's new favorites. She gets really nervous and gets a great core workout until she finally gives in and trusts her daddy and then swings upside down for awhile. It is hilarious.

And finally, yesterday I couldn't take Olivia's hair for one more day. We high-tailed it over to Kookie Kutters after my work out and I asked them to help a girl out. Can't you see the relief in her face!

She went from beggar child to super cutie in one trim of the mullet! Last time we went in for a haircut I asked them to keep it long because it was finally long enough for a ponytail. But O REFUSES to let me put her hair in a ponytail. I kid not- I ask several times a day if I can put one in. Usually the response is, "Not today." What can I do? It's her hair after all.

But the straw that finally broke the camels back was the day before the haircut and I was on my 3rd plea of the day for a ponytail when she said no. I started to badger her. "Olivia, why don't you want a ponytail?" "Because I don't want a ponytail." "But WHY don't you want one." "Because I don't want one." "Yeah, but what's the reason?"
Finally, she looked me square in the eye and it was as if I had a flash forward moment (to a 13 year old O) and said, "Stop asking me!"
There you have it. What the heck was I trying to do? But I have to say this new haircut is super cute. So now I'm annoying her by about 5 times a day saying, "I love your new haircut!" Funny, she doesn't seem to shut that one down!

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Traci said...

tell her that I said I love her new haircut too!