Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turner's 1

A year ago today, Turner Paul entered the world - not without some drama. Shoulda known this kid was trouble! He was laying on his cord and his heart rate kept dropping, causing me to lay only on my right side for hours and hours. (FYI the only tv in the room- on my left side. Wouldn't you know it.) Just when I couldn't stand it anymore, he must have moved. I had to wear oxygen most of labor b/c of the heart rate thing. Makes for lovely pics, don't 'ya think?

But all's well that ends well. 9 lbs and eight days late, he stole my heart right away and has been doing so ever since. (Oh, and can I say again, thank God for Weight Watchers. Yikers!)

Fast forward one year and his big sister started the day off by saying, I want to go downstairs and have Turner open his gifts. Awwww.. that's so sweet. Til we got downstairs and the truth came out, "I wanna open Turner's gifts" was the second (and truer)version of the story. We compromised and she did one and he *kinda* did one.

More gifts to come. B/c he wasn't too interested Christmas morning and b/c he has cheap parents, he's getting his unopened Christmas gifts. Its all the same to a one-year-old.

And to wrap up the day- a quick round of the Barbie movie. Turner just can't get enough of that dragon, or so Olivia says! Actual "party" tomorrow (friends coming over for Chinese take-out and cake.) More pictures later.

Happy birthday, sweet baby boy. Did I mention he now walks, climbs on most things stable (and not) and L-O-V-E-S dogs. We're pretty sure he's got Buckeye football in his future (maybe they'll start winning then.) Go Bucks.


Mommin' It Up! said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Turner! I'm so glad we're friends!

bebe said...

want to be sure that when your 25 and exploring your momma's old blog that you don't want to know why bebe and paw did not send their greeting. love you this----------------much

Traci said...

Happy Birthday Turner!!!