Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boats, Pants and all things Olivia

Just now Olivia set up chairs in the living room and said, "Let's go on a boat ride to China to get baby Quinn." So Olivia, Turner and I took a boat ride (and clapped if we were sitting on our buns for the boat ride- Turner's been having a bit of trouble with that rule!)

When we arrived in China the instructions were to get off the boat so that we could go and get baby Quinn. She picked him up and handed him to me (where we were both holding him like a new born- I couldn't quite convince O that he is both older AND bigger than Turner, oh well.) She told me we were going to hug and kiss him so that he wouldn't cry and be scared. I said maybe we should have cake and ice cream too. (I was informed that Quinn is too little to eat cake and ice cream- silly me, I forgot she is the law maker around here.) After Quinn was properly hugged and kissed we were then off to take Quinn "home" to the Diamond Castle (since most events in the day do end up in some kind of reference to the Barbie Movie.) And Quinn was declared, "So cute, he's a keeper!"- where does she come up with this stuff???

Wow! We really have entered a new world of pretend play sprinkled with a bit of reality. I do wonder how many families out there go on pretend boat rides to pick up their adopted brothers from China? Our family just doesn't quite do things like everyone else on the block. Oh, and other Olivia related news: today ended the 3 1/2 month pants strike. Upon her own accord, she agreed to wear pink pants. Hallelujah! After all, it gets cold on that slow boat to China in just a dress.


Amber said...

Gibson and Maya ask me all the time, "When are you going to get our baby brother with brown skin?! Today?!". I love that they are involved with it, sounds like you had a great boat ride :)

Traci said...

Seriously, I love this. What a kid. :)

Oh...and I wish it were that easy.