Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let is snow let it snow let it snow

Since we've been a bit snowed in and couped up I thought I'd include some pictures to share how we've been passing the winter days away.

Olivia likes to help me clip my coupons. She's pretty good at it (she doesn't get to handle the real ones, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.)

Turner has a stacking toy that he likes to wear on his head. Don't let this angelic pose fool you, he's into EVERYTHING. All the time. He is a clown and loves to ham it up. I enjoy this guy a ton.

I caught these two up to what I thought was no good. Didn't hear anything for several minutes and here they were. O was reading Turner a book and he was "kind of" listening. It was very sweet, until moments later, Turner ripped the book away from O, she slapped his hand and they both took turns screaming at each other. Perhaps a taste of things to come.
Pretty much, we're ready for spring to arrive around here. But I'm not holding my breath for an early arrival this year. Better luck at your house.

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