Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm in love!

If you know me or you've followed this blog even a little bit you know that I'm a self-proclaimed technical laggard. (I learned that word in high school and it makes me sound really smart. But it's just a smart word for LAMO!)

Anyhow, until Christmas, Steve and I had a dinosaur of a printer. The kind that was big, bulky and you screwed it into the back of your computer. Well when our old computer died this fall and we had to get a new, high tech laptop the old dinosaur finally went extinct when there weren't even holes in the back of the computer to attempt screwing anything into. So for Christmas I asked my parents for a new printer.

True to my beloved's personality, before purchasing a new anything, lots and lots of time, research and energy must go into said purchase. After subscribing to consumer reports for a few months, Christmas finally came to our house in January (when we could also "take advantage of all the after-Christmas sales.") P.S. If it were up to Steve, we would celebrate Christmas at the Chinese New Year so that ALL gifts could be purchased in what he is sure is the cheapest time of the year ever- known as- After Christmas Sales. But I digress...

Well, let's just say my new printer is AWESOME. I'm a printing fool. Because not only does it print- wireless- it's also a copier. So now, I really don't have to plan ahead. I don't have to worry about a trip to Kinko's or a visit to our office, I can lay around until my copies are needed. This is like my dream come true. And I've got a stack of sweet coupons just begging for a trip to the store-- so I can buy more stuff-- I mean, uh, save us money!!!

Now you know where to find me, Makin' copies!


Mommin' It Up! said...

Love it! Makin' copies! Printin' coupons! E! The E-man! (or woman as the case may be.) Good times! I just printed a few coupons fun.

Amber said...

i'm even worse...we have no printer! so i'm constantly sending phil "please print this" emails while he's at work. i'm sure he loves it :) i seriously need one, especially for coupons!

KTC said...

We got one for Christmas about 3 years ago, and I use it EVERY day - multiple times!!! I usually assume everyone has one now and am shocked if I'm at a friend's house and they don't have copy capability. I think it's right up there with the microwave... really can't live without it, especially with homeschooling! Have fun making copies! --Karen