Sunday, January 11, 2009

To CVS or not CVS; that is the question

I took a break from CVS last week with the holidays and all of our travels. I actually felt guilty for "wasting" deals. (Is that the sign of an addiction?)

But I was back this week. I felt exceptionally organized as I headed off for my solo shopping extravaganza. (I had some major extra care bucks saved up as well as some great coupons- I knew this was going to be great trip.)

I had things separated into two transactions. The first one went well and I spent .14 cents. It was awesome. I made 12 ecb's and had 2 left over from the first transaction to use on the second one. But that's when things turned sour.

First off, I think I was working with a less than helpful and less than competent cashier. She rang a few things up at the wrong price, I didn't get my ecb's at the end of the transaction and when I tried to get things adjusted she let out a heavy sigh and told me it didn't matter that the price wasn't adjusted because I had coupons and the price would still come down. That would have been well and good, except I had worked it where between the sales price and coupons that I had, there were several items I would get for free/make money on it.

Because of all the confusion and my frustration with the whole thing, I went home and got control, figured out the mess, went to church and after church, went back to take issue with the bill.

When I got there, the lady who had been helping my cashier with my order helped me this time. When I told her I had been there earlier in the afternoon her reply was "Oh, yeah, you were the problem child." G-R-E-A-T. Not helping me hang in there with this CVS thing. This lady said the problem was that the cashier hadn't scanned my CVS card properly, therefore, I didn't get any of the sales prices nor did I get the ECB's. Add that to my list of things to do when I shop at CVS; double check that my cashier is doing their job. She gave me a cash refund (that honestly, I'm still not sure was completely right) but I let it go this time.

I got all that stuff in the picture for $14 after my refund (the medicine alone, would have been $14 in my "old" life) and I got 12 ECB's to use on my next trip...if there IS a next trip.


bebe said...

I smell the need for an intervention (or is it innerventiion?) All EKK folowers, who also CVS coupon, need to encourage you before you throw in the towel. Don't quit yet, I just mailed todays coupons off and I think I saw some Glad flameless in the stack

Mommin' It Up! said...

You are doing awesome!! Just think about how awesome your first transaction was! Don't let setbacks get you down. You still got a GREAT deal, and after awhile, you will be able to do this with your eyes closed!! I wish I wasn't sick cause I have $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon for you that you can use at CVS! And the $3 CVS Brand coupon that makes the CVS wipes free! I'll get it to you this week sometime. Are you excited?? :)

bebe said...

Way to go Jenny. What a pal/mentor/coach.

Erin said...

not that i want to fuel the fire or anything, but you should check out this blog...

this woman is so good at coupons that she feeds her family of 4 on less than $300 a month and they eat healthy and organic. (in case you haven't figured it out by now, i decided to start playing the coupon game, wish me luck)

Miss you,