Monday, January 19, 2009

Good news on a cold day

There are so many things about our adoption that point to a higher authority. God is in control and we believe that. In fact, this whole adoption thing just kind of came to be. It settled in our hearts and there was no looking back. While we are still waiting further word, our dossier is on a desk somewhere in Beijing, China. We wait and we pray for Quinn; our son whom we've never met but is probably tottering and teetering just like Turner somewhere in China today.

Another proof that God is involved is a crazy detail regarding our friend Shannon being at his exact orphanage this past summer with a group of other Chinese young executives on a service project to beautify his orphanage. Shannon is a really great Chinese friend of mine and we have a long history together. When we first found out where Quinn was living, my friend Lisa told me that Shannon had been there and that she may have a contact at the orphanage whom we could get in touch with. I've been facebooking Shannon since we found out about Quinn. Here is the message I received this morning:

Dear E,

Sorry for not writing you for so long. Sophie is no longer there. One of the girls in my home group is from Xi An, she asked one of her friends to go to Xian Yang and look for Sophie but she is no longer working there. I will try to send you some photos later. When I was there, kids under five were managed separately by an organization, not part of the bigger orphanage. Almost all the staff are believers, kids are loved and taken care of very well. I was really amazed at what I saw. We painted huge murals for the first floor, which is where the small children lived. Have you gotten your kid yet?

I'm leaving tonight for the Chinese new year and will be back at the end of Jan. I'll contact you then! Have a warm winter, miss you!


Are you kidding me??? We pray every night before bed (as Quinn begins his day in China) that there would be someone there to love him, hug him and protect him until we can get our hands on him and bring him home. It sounds as if there is a good chance that is happening (and not always the case in orphanages across China nor the world.)

I am so thankful that God would connect us to a little boy, rejected because of a facial deformity, but scooped up by his Maker and put in a safe place until he can come home. Naturally, we would have been just as happy to pick up a child whose started life in a horrible situation, but had we not started this journey when we did and progress in just the format in which we had, we would not have been matched with Quinn.

Please continue to pray for a fast forward on the rest of the red tape and that we would be able to go and get him soon! God is certainly in the details.

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