Monday, September 29, 2008

I love cake

To know me is to know my love for cake! If I could only pick one food to live on for the rest of my life it would be cake (specifically wedding cake- there is something so yummy about wedding cake, but I digress.) I know it's ridiculous, but now that I am trying to be a responsible eater, there are days/events that I plan my whole day of eating around the fact that there will be cake served.

I was at a WW meeting last week and discovered glories of all glories :


Oh, yes! Two of my favorite things, combined. Should you be inclined, here is the recipe (if you are into organics, this cake is NOT for you.)

1 boxed cake mix (I used Pillsbury chocolate cake mix- they have reduced sugar cake mix now that would probably bring down the calories/points even further.)

1 can of Diet Coke (or any other kind of no calorie pop.)

Mix the cake mix and can of Diet Coke together. That's it!!! Pop it in the oven and bake according to the directions on the box.

Frost it with the Lite Cool Whip (or store brand, whatever.) I sprinkled about a 1/4c. of the mini Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips just to make it "cute."

It was awesome. (And this is from a cake conesuer.) It was moist and tasty. And if you are counting points on the WW system, all you count is for the dry ingredients on the cake box. (so my piece was 2 points.) I don't think I'll ever make a cake the "normal" way again! LOVE IT.

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bebe said...

I also love cake! (it is a generational thing, I'm sure) and have never had cake left to throw out. Not until I took this blogger recipe into my kitchen. One of 3 things happened while in my kitchen 1) I didn't follow her directions (kinda hard to accept since the only thing the recipe calls for is a can of diet coke) 2)The cake is supposed to be a little gummy or 3) This bloggers claim to be a cake offshoot are unfounded