Tuesday, September 16, 2008

move over Elmo, Les Mis is in the house!

Olivia loves to watch people sing (and dance!). We've gone through a few phases around here including several youtube clips of swan lake and Paul Potts the Opera singer who won Britian's Got Talent last season. Girl could sit glued for hours. To the point of nausea for the adults in the room. So yesterday I came up with a briliant plan, hook her onto something I enjoy. Then it becomes a win/win.

So I introduced her to Les Mis. (My all-time favorite Broadway musical, seen it live too many times to even remember.) Well, girlfriend LOVES it. (Except the Inn Keeper and his Wife- but who can blame her!.)

This morning we were having a moment snuggling on a chair watching different songs from the 10th Anniversary Live Performance on the internet. She was even humming along - her own special tune, of course. Then she saw the conductor and had a bunch of questions about him.

O: "Who's that guy, mama?"
Proud Mama: "The conductor"
O: "What's he standin on, mama?"
Proud Mama: "The conductor's stand." (disclaimer- I'm not really sure what it's called, but that sounded good enough to explain to a 2 year old.)
O: "Why's he got a stick, mama?"
Proud Mama: "He tells the people playing the instruments when to play faster or slower or when to stop."
O: "I wanna use that stick someday."

*** Here is where the tear in my eye formed and I soaked in the moment. Who knows what she will be or what she will become? I really, honestly don't have a design on her life (yet) but am excited about her future.***

Proud Mama: "Maybe you will, O! What do you think you want to be when you grow up?"
O: (After actually taking about 10 seconds to think about it. I caught my breath to see what she would answer.)

And there is was, the answer I should have anticipated. At least she left her dreams of becoming Hannah Montana aside for today!

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