Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The terrible 36's?

How in the WORLD could those two little faces make anyone a screaming lunatic?? Well... just get in the car with them for anything longer that 3 minutes to find out. This morning was not one of my better moments. In fact, it really was, truly regrettable! We were driving home from the Y and O. had 17 requests in less than 2 minutes. Most were really ridiculous:

"I want gum"- O, you have a piece in your mouth. "I want to listen to MY song"- O, do you remember the deal? We listened to your songs on the way to the Y, now it's mommy's turn.
"I want Princess Snacks." O, you have gum in your mouth, plus we are on our way home to eat lunch, no snacks. and on and on and on...

But the final straw was the Pochahanis request.

"I want to watch Pochahanis!" O, we don't have Pochahanis. I mean, we don't even own it! There is no way for you to watch it. (obviously we don't own it, I can't even spell it.)
Screaming, very loud, shrill screaming. Like someone had pouredboiling water all over her or something. I tried to reason, again. (stupid!!) More screaming, and somehow she managed to get louder and shriller. I didn't know she had it in her.

So I got really mature and turned up the radio as loud as it would go. Guess what. She reached deep within her being and by golly she found it- the LOUDEST, SHRILLEST scream I've ever heard. Dare I say, it suprised even Olivia herself, because now she was red-faced and coughing. I had all I could take. I turned off my radio and yelled at the top of my lungs "SHUT UP!!!!"

oops! The look on her face broke my heart. (My yell did get the response I wanted for about 2 seconds.) Dead silence. And then the sadest cry I've seen yet. The look of disbelief that 1.) Mommy said shut up and 2.) Mommy was really, truly mad. crocodile tears ran like mad.

I screwed up.

So I apologized, asked for forgiveness and explained how sorry I was and that I was wrong.
Here is the kicker, Turner slept through ALL OF IT! That kid is really something else. Don't get me wrong, when he's mad, his screams could raise the dead. But if he's out, he's out!

If only there could be re-do's in life. Proof that the 2 year old is not the only one who can go from 0-60 in 5 seconds. Hmm.. guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Then, right before naps, we were having a great mother/daughter moment. She was on my lap and she looked up at me and said, "Mom, I like your face." Now there's a picture of grace for you. In theory, she should not like my face ever again. But she forgave and moved on. Shoot, I got a lot to learn from that little stink bomb!


Ginainchina said...

omg, i totally know that feeling of yelling and feeling so awful afterwards!! i never yelled in my life before kids. ahhh!!

Mommin' It Up! said...

i have no idea what you are talking about. i have never yelled at my kids in my life.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA. oh. i kill myself. I have the "terrible 31s".

I told Joshua to "shut up" once when Sophie was screaming (can you imagine Sophie screaming? NO!) and he started to scream in her face because apparently he felt that would make her want to be quiet...anyways, it was NOT my finest hour. oh, we were also in the car. what is it with being in the car??

anyhoo - i lose it regrettably much more often that i'd like to admit. (don't tell anyone!)