Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok, so one of my all-time least favorite jobs around the house is washing the slip cover for the sofa. We are really lucky to have some generous family who, when we were getting married, gave us 2 of their very nice, yet rather outdated plaid couches. To which we say, thank you Mike and Debbie! 1994 was a good year, wasn't it?!

In order to bring our sofas more up to date, when we got married I ordered some great slip covers from the Sure Fit catalogue (great catalogue by the way!!! Cute stuff and very affordable.) But clearly this was before dog and before kids. From the "Was I crazy files", an off-white slip cover. Needless to say, life around the Koproskis has changed and therefore forces me to launder my slip covers a bit more often. AND THAT JUST STINKS! Putting a slip cover back on a sofa is enough to drive me bonkers. Front? Back? How to get the arms just right? How will that little green piping ever be straight again? There are ALWAYS bubbles running along the back of it. By the end I'm sputtering and talking to myself and wondering when we'll ever turn into grown ups where all of our furniture is able to be cover free???!!!! Ack.

Well, this bi-annual event is over (unless someone poops, barfs, or spills something on it before 6 months is up.) It turned out okay, and in record time, I think. Perhaps it's time to run out to the Pottery Barn Outlet and see if there is anything on super sale. And who knows, before we can afford something different, maybe Camel and Forrest Green plaid will come back in style!!

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bebe said...

One more attempt to catch the attention of ptential sponsor. (ie a new, cute slipcover, maybe an easier one to fit). However, I agree her sofa was transformed!