Tuesday, September 2, 2008

from the "Oh, Crap" files

So, today just wasn't my day. Seems like the day after a holiday often goes like that! I was coming home from my spinning class at the Y this morning and while pulling in the garage, I noticed I hadn't quite gauged it right. So I backed up and tried again.

Should have tried for a third time, since my 2nd try was a failed attempt to miss the garage door. Yep, nailed it pretty good this time. (Since you are pretty sharp if you're spending time reading my blog, you did in fact notice "this time", meaning that this is not the first time I have hit the garage.)

Unfortunately, this is the "best" one I've done. I took off some of the molding on the frame of the door, bent the little "camera thing" that detects if there is anything in the way so the door will actually shut and put a nice little scrape in the car.

I did, however, manage to NOT cuss out loud with the 2 kids in the car. But immediately on impact they both started screaming and crying (I'm not exactly sure why, I was only going 1 mile an hour, they certainly didn't get whip lash or anything.) Luckily, it was only 103 degrees in the garage while I investigated the damage, made the dreaded phone call to Steve and tried to figure out how you close the door w/ out the magic button. (I figured it out by the way!) Here's to a better Wednesday.

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bebe said...

where the heck are the family readers? Surely all of you remember that infamous "spider cry" Isn't it nice to know that the beat goes on.