Tuesday, September 9, 2008

fantasy land

So I am officially a suburban stay at home mom in the midwest. Because when the kids got up from naps and I was tired of being at home, we loaded up the Jeep and went to Barnes and Noble to play with the Thomas the Tank Engine toy track that they have (we were too late for story hour!)

In my fantasyland (read: before we actually loaded up the car, changed the poopy diaper and headed off the two year old temper tantrum on the way to the car because I wasn't letting Olivia take another a toy with us) Turner would tool around the floor, play with the train set and O and I would snuggle up in a chair and I would read to her any book she fancied from the millions of her choosing.

Well, Turner did not disappoint. He indeed loved the train set. He likes anything these days he can get into his mouth and drool all over. He was as happy as a clam (but then again, when isn't he?) He might be the happiest baby ever born.

But let's just say that fantasy turned into reality AS SOON AS we hit the kiddie part of B&N. "Look Mommy! PRINCESSES." Yes, my daughter has hawk eyes when it comes to anything pink and of the Disney genre. Dang you, Cinderella! All I wanted was a fond memory to tuck away for when she is 13 and wants nothing to do with me. Not only was she intrigued with all books Disney, she was engrossed in anything Hanna Montana. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Girlfriend, you are 2! We are NOT doing that.

All I wanted to do was read a Dr. Suesse or a Richard Scarry book. Didn't happen. Maybe another day. Shoot, I didn't even get myself a Starbuck's latte. Better luck next time
At least Baby Turner left a happy man :)

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Mommin' It Up! said...

Call me next time! That (or Books & Co.) is one of our favorite activities when mommy needs OUT! (this is jenny from house church by the way. and I swear i am not stalking you.)