Sunday, September 7, 2008

hooter hiders

I'm learning a lot about the Blog World. There is an entire underground world here and I'm learning it can be a gold mine. My fear, it can also be a colossal time suck. A new friend of mine, Jenny, was telling me tonight about how she will blog about different brand name things on her blog and from time to time these companies will contact her and give her free stuff in the hopes of another product endorsement. Well, shoot, I can name drop like the best of 'em and if it gets me a free bottle of nail polish-- sobeit!

So, don't be suprised if you don't start seeing some of my favorite stuff on here from time to time (who knows who will do a google search and find out how much I LOVE Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches (which by the way you can buy in bulk at Sam's Club and they equal out to be $.50 a piece.) And just maybe they'll send me a year's supply or something :)

Or how the one baby item I couldn't have survived without this time around? That would be my Hooter Hiders. Yes, you read right, my Hooter Hiders. LOVE. IT. Makes nursing in public or in crowded places a no brainer. With Olivia, I would go to the car, sit in coat closets, leave dinners etc. etc. With Turner, I have no fear of him pulling it off (the HH, as we call it in our house) goes around my neck like a necklace, is light weight and stylish. So he is undistracted, doesn't get all hot and sweaty and I'm not arrested for indecent exposure if he pulls it off- because he can't. It saved my life both times on the airplance first to NYC and then to China.
There you have it. Product endorsement #1. Keep your eye out for more, and I'll let you know when it starts paying off :)


Mommin' It Up! said...

I couldn't have done it any better myself! I also had a "hooter hider" except it was the "milkchic" brand. LOVED that thing! Until Sophie started playing with it at about 10-11 months, it was great!

bebe said...

I would never attempt to "bump" on bloggers blatant cry for freebies. However------ BARE ESSENTIALS (bisque please), VEGIE CHIPS (distributed by Fuji Apple Co), QVC SHOPPING (love that easy pay). ANY TOYOTA AUTOMOBILE MODEL. Companies wishing to show appreciation of those shameless endorsements may forward to the blogger, who I trust, will pass them on. Well, maybe the Toyota not so much.

hooter hider said...

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