Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steve.

** fyi: the above picture was taken a year ago when I was pregnant w/Turner. We need a more recent picture of the two of us!**

In honor of my husband's 38th birthday, here are 38 great things about Steve Koproski

1. His bright blue eyes
2. He doesn't yell at me when I misjudge the distance and hit the garage door w/ the car
3. He loves to make up songs, providing me w/ a running soundtrack for my life
4. He supported me in weight watchers by counting points with me (for a while.)
5. He takes the kids to the park when he gets home from work.
6. He brings me flowers.
7. He is a great leader.
8. He asks great questions
9. He listens to me
10 He only tries to fix my problems occasionally
11. He loves his family more than football
12. He loves the world
13. He doesn't mind going to chick flicks
14. He loves my parents like his own
15. He is very organized
16. He'll eat anything I cook for him, as long as there is enough of it.
17. He cleans the bathroom
18 He mows the lawn
19 He hasn't killed our dog
20 He frees me up to get out and do stuff
21 He doesn't challenge me for driving 25 minutes to go to aerobics w/ the gas prices the way they are.
22. He does our budget.
23. He takes care of our investments
24. He loves to read
25. He's working on his seminary degree
26. He leads our house church
27. He is a friend to all
28. He prays for his family
29. He goes to the American Idol concert with me (and at least pretends to enjoy it.)
30. He is an amazing encourager
31. He has a beautiful smile
32. He spurs me on to love Jesus more.
33. He puts up with my crazy emotions, and claims he "enjoys" me.
34. He is in touch with his emotions
35. He is an optimist- especially when it comes to house projects.
36. He's getting handier each year.
37. He has a heart of gold
38. He is an amazing husband, father and man of God.

I love you, Steve. I am proud to be your wife. Again I say, how did I get so lucky???


Mommin' It Up! said...

Happy Birthday Steve! I love saying that to people who are older than i am. :)

Traci said...

Happy birthday Steve (from both of us!)!!!

JRT said...

Ok, so I didn't read all 58 things yet, but I just had to first look at that pic was like, "Wow, E has grown some D's." Nice going. Then I read that you were preg. :)

eva said...

awwwwww! so sweet. :) happy birthday, steve!