Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I really am thankful that Olivia is now potty trained. (She no longer wears pull-ups, ever. So if you're in the market for size 3T Huggies princess pull-ups, I'm your connection!) She hasn't even had an accident going on 7 weeks. And I'm trying to keep that streak going. It's really hard getting all 3 of us out the door to go somewhere AND remember to do the final potty check. Maybe I'M the one still potty training.

We were out the door to do a Kroger run this morning and I did remember to do the final potty check and she went. So off we went to Trader Joe's & Kroger (by-monthly tandum run.) Boo.. Ike shut us down. A large part of the greater Dayton area is still w/o power! So we had to go across town to a different Kroger. I should have known something was up when, as we were pulling into our parking spot, O asked, "Does this Kroger have a big potty or a little potty?" Hmmm.... potty on the brain can only mean one thing.

I had hit the produce aisle and then the coffee section when I heard the emergency cry of all emergency cries-- as she was holding herself in the front and in the back, "mommy, daddy, I have to sit on the potty, mommy,daddy." (which by the way is the way O lets us know she has to go EVERY SINGLE TIME she needs to potty. It stems from when we first were training her how to let us know she had to go--- the girl is such a literalist!)

So, if you can imagine me pushing my 1/2 full cart w/ baby Turner happy as a little lark, running from one side of Kroger to the other (b/c naturally we were on the wrong side!) and O. was half running half stumbling while holding her front and back trying not to go before hitting the restroom (which by the way, is not so glamorous at Kroger.)

From the "things I said I'd never do as a parent" files; I left my aforementioned 1/2 full cart of food outside of the hefty double doors that hides the nasty bathrooms, Turner under one arm, dragging O by the other arm, get to the biggest stall w/ the smallest potty, carefully balance Turner between my knees as Im crouched down where he can NOT touch anything nasty, while trying to pull down the big girl panties/jeans combo, hoist her up on the john before the poopies come out, gagging the whole time. WHEW! Made it!

Unfortunately, the sinks were unusually high and there was NO way I could manage to pick her up, soap her up and rinse her off while at the same time hold Turner. So we skipped the hand washing, which as I have mentioned before, was enough to send my anal as they come 2 year old into bonkersville. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I've seen her do WAY grosser stuff than that. Buck up little camper.

Finally, 30 min. later we made it to the checkouts which were a zoo, because, remember, many of the other groceries in town are on lockdown. Holy cow were the lines long. Howeer, some really nice mom of 2 (who was kidless, and obviously enjoying it) had mercy on me and let me have "cuts" in front of her when a new line opened up and she scored the coveted 1st spot. Thank you gracious mommy,whose name I don't know but greatly envy as you were at the store, ALONE! May I return the favor some lucky day when I get to hit Kroger kid-free.

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Mommin' It Up! said...

Oh my gosh that is horrible! i had a similar experience with Joshua ina Big Lots one time...trying not to let Sophie get on the nasty Big Lots bathroom floor. It was nee-asty. I feel for ya. I also went to Kroger yesterday and it was a ZOO. frightening! I left the kids at my moms though. :) which is good cause when they made the announcement over the PA that the "ice truck has arrived" it got pretty scary up in there.