Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Fat Deal

I can't believe it! I have in my hands the rough draft of our homestudy. (4 months ago, I would have said Ho Hum to that one.) But in the life of an adopting parent, that's big stuff my friend! The reason that it's a rough draft is because there are several things we'll need to go over with our social worker before she signs it, gets it notarized and we fork over $1,000-- changes that need to be made, typos that are found, etc. For that kind of money, things better be RIGHT!

So that brings me to the reason I drag you into this homestudy discussion. Within the pages of the homestudy are many many personal things (it's quite crazy, really. A bit like stumbling across my journal, or this blog for that matter.) But I digress... my question here is, do I make a big deal out of the fact that she has my weight 21 pounds MORE than it actually is? I guess she has not been on the blog lately to read that Weight Watchers has been going really well and that I am, in fact, only a mere 2 meetings away from becoming a LIFETIME member (read, don't gotta pay anymore!)

I mean, if it's just for vanity's sake or my own peace of mind, probably not... but I need to sign the paper saying everything within the content of the homestudy is true. So, in fact, it's not vanity, but, rather, integrity that is at stake here people! If I am going to be able to sleep well at night, knowing that I have been above reproach and am sharing all things true throughout this process, the only logical thing I can do is have her lower my weight by 21 lbs. Ah, yes, sleep well tonight, dear reader, all is right with the world.

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Traci said...

Elizabeth! Congratulations on getting your home study...definitely a HUGE deal. And a huge relief...even for me!

Yeah, you know, if you're making changes to typos anyway, I say it doesn't hurt to mention it. Go for it.

So proud of you!