Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Because a girl can not live on chemo alone

There is American Idol.

Ah... yes... perhaps my best medicine. I was a bit weary going into this season. Mostly because my mom and I lived and breathed AI for years. We called each other after every performance. Especially during this part of the season when we can barely remember who is who. Oh what fun. I didn't know if I would be able to do it. Then there is the situation with Simon being gone. New judges? Ack.

But with life as it is, I might actually NEED American Idol.

It's a touch annoying, though. They switch nights. I don't know if it's coming or going. Yada Yada. So last night I missed a few guys because I thought Glee was on and although I love Glee, I didn't need to get there right at 8.

I really enjoyed several of the guys. But because there are still 24 people, I don't know any of their names. Except Scotty. He's the cute little country guy with the deep voice. I like him. My mom would have too. It's hard to forget a name like Scotty. I like the guy with the beard who did Rod Stewart too. He's weird. And good. But I don't know his name.

The girls tonight? They were okay. My problem with the girls? What they wear (or don't in some cases.) I get so distracted. And they like to stomp around the stage and dance and perform. Mostly, I want them to sing. And wear clothes.

I tend to always enjoy the guys more. Maybe I'm a chauvinist pig. Who knows?

And who knew? I like the judges. Although last night and tonight I really missed Simon's brutal honesty. Steve and I were wishing we could conference call him in and get some honesty. But oh well.

All in all, I'm back for season 10. And am glad to have it.


vwiller said...

You should DVR the series then it will record whenever it is on and you can fast forward through commercials! It is the only way I was doing Survivor on Wednesday...I tried to watch on Thursday last week but luckily I had recorded the series so it was there anyway!!

I have never watched AI, though several of my sisters do...I do enjoy reading your thoughts on it and I am so glad that you still enjoy it and I am also sure that is one of the many times in the week when your mom peeks in to check on you. Ever find coins on your living room floor after that, there are people who believe that people who have passed can drop small coins for you to find like a mini love note. It is a nice thought anyway?!

Amber said...

oh i'm with ya! LOVE guys night, but when it's girls night i just feel eh about it. never excited for girl night! and seriously could they cover themselves?!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

It's great to hear you enjoying one of your "regular" things. We never watch until the very end--why bother with all those people you'll remember? Enjoy it!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

season TEN??? really? wow i feel old.