Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bald head must be easy to spot

So, I was at the Y yesterday morning walking on the tread mill. (As my spinning class was sweating their butts off down the hall. Is it weird that I miss spinning class?) And this lady that I've seen for years around the Y came up to me and asked if I was Elizabeth? She said that she found my blog through our friend, Jenny, (who by the way is like this super famous blogger and quite the big deal on the internetz... you should check her out) and that she's been reading my blog and praying for me. It was surprising to me. And really nice to know that some people at the Y are praying. Later yesterday afternoon, I took Olivia and we ran some errands together. We hit Sam's Club (isn't it so annoying when you have to hit Sam's for two items? AND THEN they don't even have samples?! Sheesh.) Next stop was Target. Naturally, Olivia had to make a potty stop. So I'm hovering outside of the stall when a lady came in and I noticed her glancing my way. I do get a bit self conscious these days with my bald head under my hat situation. Then she asked, "Are you Elizabeth?" She went on to tell me who she was and that we have our aforementioned Jenny friend in common. She also told me that she had been praying for me in the car on the way over to Target. How crazy is that? It's crazy enough that anybody reads this blog. But even crazier to me that people I don't even really know have me on their hearts and are talking to God about my situation. I am humbled! And encouraged. So thank you for reading. But thank you even more for praying. I can't even tell you how much God used yesterday to remind me that He is alive and active, not just in my life but in your lives too. Our third stop found us at Old Navy. (I'm on a hunt for an appropriate bathing suit for a five year old. It's harder than you think!) To my disappointment, no body recognized me there :)! NOR did we find a suitable suit. But I walked away with a new dress, shoes and sweater. Oops! Don't worry... I won't let all this *fame* go to my head!


Heather G. said...

So thankful you have been encouraged by "random" folks! Wanted to tell you that I have found really cute and appropriate swimsuits for A at Lands End the last couple of years. I usually buy them online, but if they don't fit you can return them to any Sear's store. Continuing to pray for you!!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

LOVE it. Love, love love! The Target bathroom lady is one whose parents YOU helped me make meals for! Because you cared about people I cared about. And she prays for you because she cares about people I care about. God's love passed around amongst his children is pretty amazing!
And? You wear fame as stylishly as you wear those hats!
Oh and I totally second the Lands' End suit recco. That's all Sophie wears. :) They have some cute ones on Overstocks for $20 or less right now.

Karen said...

very fun!! also used exclusively lands ends suits for elena when she was little. but they wear out way too quickly for REAL swimming. But, for kids, perfect!

Cindy Fackler said...

I am one of the unknown faces that prays for you daily.I began praying for you in February when one of my Cincinnati blogs on saving at the grocery store asked for prayers on your behalf. Your blog is wonderful, your humor is appreciated, your faith is amazing and I feel honored to consider myself one of your prayer warriors. I will continue to pray for you and for your family daily!