Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, you May!

May is my favorite month! Lots of fun stuff happens in my life during the month of May.

Yesterday, May 3rd was our 7th anniversary. It was a beautiful day in 2003 and it was a beautiful day around here yesterday.

We celebrated with dinner at McCormick & Schmick's (a delicious seafood restaurant.) We are both seafood fans, but we are even bigger fans of eating outside on an evening like yesterday's. Earlier in the day, Steve stayed with the kids so I could finally make good on a gift card he gave me on Valentine's Day for a pedicure. It was such a relaxing treat! Before dinner we exchanged gifts. I bought him a new outfit (not pictured here) and he got me (us?) a new camera. I guess publicly complaining about the quality of our camera enough here on the blog sent him the hint he needed. We now own a Cannon PowerShot SD1300IS Digital Elph (is that *really* the whole name? sheesh.) None of the photos on this post were taken with it, but I'm sure that all pics to follow will be tons better!

I also love May because Mother's Day is coming up. My peonies are about about to bloom (they might be my favorite flower! I have bright pink ones in my backyard, but I carried pale pink/white ones in my wedding, as did my bridesmaids. L.O.V.E. them.) The end of school is near and I'm looking forward to that. Who knew?! Memorial Day, the official kick off to summer, is one of my favorite holidays. I'm not sure why. The sun is shining, my windows are open and the mosquitoes are not out yet. Those are all reasons I love May.

(Oops... forgot to mention... here is Steve with his incredibly wimpy salad at dinner last night. I loved it... he laughed at it. Oh well.)

What I HATE about May is college graduation! This year we are losing an incredibly valuable crop of friends/babysitters! A huge perk about doing college ministry are the fabulous babysitters that walk through our doors. An incredible downer about doing college ministry is them graduating. Last year we lost Alli, Olivia's first *favorite babysitter*. It was sad. This year we lose about another 4 great girls. One of them being Lauren. She is from Colorado and moving to UNC for grad school. Olivia loved Lauren. Lauren couldn't make it 2 minutes in our door without O jumping in her arms or climbing on her lap.

She will be missed!

As will our friend, Katie. I think it's hilarious because Quinn calls her Katie O'Brien. Never just Katie. Some people are just Madonna or Oprah and some people are Katie O'Brien.

So there you have it, the ups and downs of the month of May. What's your favorite month and why?

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betseykerr said...

I love peonies...but sadly, none to be found in Cali...one thing I really miss about OHIO....love the peonies, they make me smile!