Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Steve, the kids and I left town last Thursday for 5 days at his parents. O took two days off of school and we were going to weave in some work stuff too. As it turned out, the weather was crummy and the Monday work event (a fundraising golf outing) was called off. We ended up getting home about five hours ahead of schedule. I'll take it.

Since being home I've been paralyzed. Unable to figure out how to summarize life, upload pics, do laundry, get back into routine, take Turner to get his stitches out (yep... a whole other post that has yet to go unwritten), early dismissal from school etc. As a result, here I sit trying to figure out how to tell you that I'm alive and well- just unable to blog. I'm hoping that by putting something, anything here it will get me over the hurdle of blogging once again.

Olivia has early dismissal from school today and we are hosting a play date for the girls in her class. Oddly enough, I think it may actually afford me some time to write a real (and much more interesting) post. Shoot, watching paint dry would be more interesting than this post! Thanks for hanging in there with me. Some weeks just end up this way!


Joyce said...

We were on vacation for a week recently following my daughter's graduation. I felt the same way when I got home. I eventually managed to find my words though... I always do : )

Katie O. said...

i feel that way now. no worries. i haven't posted in a few weeks (let's blame graduation and vacation on that one..) miss you and your family already!! (and i'm interested to hear about this stitches story!)