Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping it simple

This week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. But it's also been filled with some simple pleasures of life. Which may or may not make me simple, I'm not sure?!?
The kids and I were at the Dollar Tree this week and lo and behold, what did I find? Original Sprees. There they were, plain as day. No longer packaged in that fun long roll, but hey, beggars can't be choosers!
Hmm... NOW what will I lay awake and obsess over in the middle of a sleepless night?
It suddenly went from freeze warnings at night to 85 degree weather... instantly, around here. So we broke out the sprinkler and had us some old fashion, Ohio summer fun this week. The kids loved every minute of it. And I guess I did too. May/early June is my absolute favorite because everything is still green and better yet, no mosquitoes.
We met up with some friends the other day at our local outdoor shopping *towne* and hit the water fountain. All three kids are finally old enough to enjoy it yet don't try and escape. Last summer I spent most of those outings foiling Turner's plans of running into traffic. I had zero foils the other day. It was glorious and dare I say, relaxing?
After the free fountain fun, we spent $7 in snow cones. It was a royal rip off, but now we know the ropes and will not get robbed in the future. (FYI: 3 kids can DEFINITELY share a small, we got a medium. AND they charge you $2 per extra cup if you intend to split said small snow cone into 3 *equal* halves. ie. bring your own cups!!!)
But how could you deny those adorable faces a snow cone on a hot day??
And finally, yesterday, thanks to my friend Jenny over at Mommin' It Up and to Dove, I had a day of pampering. It was almost embarrassing!
Dove contacted Jenny and was invited, along with nine friends, for a spa day. The day included a manicure, pedicure and a 20 minute chair massage. Oh my yummyness! It's been a killer week in my life and God must have known I was going to need a tangible expression of His love.
While I was there I even made a new friend. As it turns out, one of Jenny's friends has a son who goes to Olivia's school. He is also 4 years old and is in a different classroom. Their family goes to our church and is looking for a small group to go to and may start coming to ours. It was such a blessing to know another family at the school. What a sweet confirmation that at least for now, we are in the right place.
And to top off the week, Lee wins American Idol. Like I said the other day, I really would have been happy with either choice. But I do love his story and am happy with my new Idol. But I'm left with one question. When they paraded all of the former *Idols* out at the end as a tribute to Simon (at least that's the way I'm taking it) where the heck was David Cook??? I loved me some David Cook and I was sorry to not see him there.
All in all, I delighted in some simple pleasures this week. What's happening in yours to make you smile?


jenny from mommin' it up said...

Glad you had some ups with the downs. Major score on the spree!! So glad you got to come yesterday!

cindy said...

One of my best simple pleasures this week was having breakfast at the Koproski home! Thanks for a delightful breakfast.