Friday, May 21, 2010

Teachers let the monkeys out!

Today was Olivia's last day of her first year of school. When I sent her off way back in September with her sweet little Tinkerbell back pack, I didn't even shed a tear. I thought it was fun and exciting and I love starting new chapters.

What I don't like is when things end. So today, I no like! All day I've been sad about the fact that next year will be different. Her two best buddies, Raine and Lei'Asya will be moving up to Kindergarten. O's school does things differently. The pre-schoolers and Kindergartners are all in the same classroom (so O, Raine and Lei'Asya will continue on in the same room with the same teachers) but they definitely do things separately.

O will still have the same two teachers. Mrs. Hatton is more in charge of the pre-K's and let's just say O has her wrapped around her little finger. Mrs. Hatton even lets O do *special errands* with her. I'm really thankful O will be back with Mrs. H in the fall.
The kids cleaned out their cubbies today. They brought home all of the work that they'd forgotten about all year. There were shamrocks and snow balls and reports on the country of India.

There were also portraits of their moms.

I'm pretty much expecting a visit from Children's Services any moment after taking a look at this one. "Well, she looks angry, Olivia."
"Yeah, it's a picture of you, mom." Hmmm... oops?

I have been working on my stress level, but c'mon, I don't think I deserve THAT.

I'd say it is closer to a self-portrait more than anything. Remember this one from the beginning of the year?!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.
Oh well, maybe we'll get it right next year. But for now, WE'RE ON SUMMER VACATION, BABY!

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