Wednesday, May 19, 2010

starting with stitches

Do you see the crazy in them eyes?? Yeah, this is the kid who definitely gives me a run for my money. But dang, he's cute! (Except for that hair. What is WITH that hair?)

Last Thursday morning, the plan was: O goes to school, dad goes to the coffee shop to work for a few hours and the boys and I go to the Y as usual. After O's school pick up we take Baxter to the kennel for the weekend and off we go to Cleveland. It's always good to have a plan A.

The first 2 parts of the plan went off with out a hitch. As I was packing a few odd bags and getting ready to head off to the Y, I heard a loud crash followed by an ear piercing scream. Turner had jumped from step to step at the top of our landing. He some how managed to trip and fall and caught himself with his nose. You might see the gash on the side there and if you look closely you'll see the shiner and the swollen nose that quickly followed. I'm not one to panic (too much) but there was a pretty good amount of blood coming from a pretty small nose.

The first thing I did was what I do best, call Steve for help. Thankfully the coffee shop is literally right down the street and he was home in 2 minutes. In the mean time I called a nurse friend and she said if it were her kid she'd take him to the Children's Hospital ER. Done.

So plan A quickly turned into plan B: Steve taking Turner to the ER for what turned out to be 2 measly stitches and I took Quinn to the Y with me which turned into a much needed workout. Quinn and I picked O up and school. We ended up heading up to Cleveland a few hours later than scheduled. But all's well that ends well. Now the boys really ARE twins with matching crooked noses!

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