Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is merely a test

These are pictures taken with our new camera. While I think there should have been something more exciting to practice on, yesterday was the perfect spring afternoon. The kind that was just right for bubble blowing and bowls of water in the back yard.
And although once upon a time there would have been things far more exciting to capture on film (or is it on digital? I'm not sure how to even speak anymore!), I realize that in the not to distant future the kids will consider bubble blowing bor-ing and I'll be sad that I don't have enough captured on film (oops there it is again.) Hey, notice how my new camera captured that bubble in mid float? The old one would have missed that shot completely! Love it.
Today has been a test of another kind. Maybe all of life is a test and it should be the days that are not challenging that I should be more surprised of!

On Wednesdays during the school year I get together with my *growth group* friends. I've mentioned them before. Today was our last one before we take a break for the summer. I was really looking forward to time with these ladies. Then after that I was going to do my usual school pick up for O, the 3 kids and I were going to head to the park for a play date with O's school friends.
But when she woke up this morning her eye was all red and matted shut with goop. Goop is never a good sign. I can clean up barf and poop with the best of 'em, but give me goop oozing out of any hole and I get queasy.

I opted to keep O out of school and head to the doctor. I would be frustrated with any mom that sent their kid to interact with my kid with a gooey eye! The appointment wasn't until 11. Realizing I would have to cancel the play date AND miss my growth group, I turned into one grouchy mama.
I was the one that turned into the pre-schooler. I stomped around the house, gave one word answers and threw stuff into the kitchen sink. I realized I was doing it but to be honest, it felt good in the moment. I was suffering, so everyone around me should too.
After I made my peace with the day that could have been, I apologized to Steve for taking it out on him. Somehow, I wrapped my brain around the fact that I am a mommy and the kids' take precedence, even when it's disappointing. Steve went off to work and I began plotting the rest of the day.

About 15 minutes later, Steve called to ask what time the appointment was. I told him. He offered to come home, keep Olivia while I took the boys with me to my meeting and then meet O and him at the doctor's after I was done.

Grace. An undeserved gift.

I TOTALLY in no way, shape or form deserved that from Steve today. ESPECIALLY after the way I treated him this morning. He offered it anyway. I was embarrassed to accept it. But I did. And that, my friends, is a small picture of the grace God has offered. Trust me, it did not go unnoticed.

I guess I'm a slow learner, 'cuz I need pictures to go along with my lessons!

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