Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I cracked the code

Last night Steve and I were watching American Idol. Have I mentioned my love for all things Idol? The other week they did a segment on the stand in judges during the dress rehearsal. The judges didn't look too much like the real thing, but enough to be kind of funny.

Last night's show (apart from the duets and *maybe* Crystal's song) was a bit whatever. Nothing too thrilling.

HOWEVER, when they got to the part where they run through the contestants and the numbers you're to use to vote for them at the end... pandemonium broke loose in our house. We've wondered for a long time how they manage to get the clips so quickly. But now that they have those new fan dangled computers and all, I realize things can be done very quickly.

A few weeks ago (the week that Lee had bag pipes, remember that?) we realized that his clip back did NOT include bag pipes. Weird.

Well, last night, I noticed that Casey's live performance was not the same as the end of the show call in clip. If you watched, you may or may not (most likely may) have been a *bit* distracted by the gaggle (is that the correct measure word?) of beautiful young ladies that surrounded him as he sat on the floor and did is rather nice version of "Mrs. Robinson". I noticed the cute blond they put right next to him and had a comment or two for Steve during the performance.

SO, during his playback, there was a cute little brunette sitting at his feet. HA! I caught it! I started yelling, "We've been duped! But I'm on to you American Idol."

And then, more proof. During the duet of Lee and Crystal, there were NO JUDGES sitting in front of them. What? No judges?! Then, during Casey and Big Mike's duet the FAKE JUDGES were sitting there. The fake Ellen was who really gave it away.

Perhaps you've cracked the code long ago. Perhaps you wanted to live in your little fantasy world a little longer. Sorry. As for me and my house, we shall live in the light.

And by the way, YES, I voted my little heart out last night. I am a Lee and Crystal lover. I can't decide who I want to be the Idol. I *think* Lee. But I want to go to BOTH of their concerts and will happily buy both of their albums when they come out. I might even want to go to the AI concert again this year.

What about you? Who is your NEXT American Idol?


jerriann said...

What? ?? There's a code? Seriously, really? That did it, I'm watching it again for the things you have pointed out. I'll come back and leave you another comment on if I catch those things.

Those rascals!

Some Guy said...

You haven't really cracked the code until you play the performances backwards...

Joyce said...

Definitely Lee and Crystal here too...I was glad Mike left before Casey. I think I want Lee to win. I love Crystal but in the end she'd probably be better off without the Idol treatment.

Colleen said...

I feel so stupid and ashamed for not cracking the code! Now I want to see more episodes so I can catch them using the wrong clip....only there's only ONE episode left! BOO!

Oh, and I said it before but I;ll say it again....