Thursday, May 20, 2010

Every once in a while

It's good to get away!
Last weekend, while we were at Steve's parents' house, we snuck away. They live about an hour east of Cleveland so we took the opportunity to do what we do best, explore.

Granted, it wasn't Rome or Paris or NYC but it was even better than that! It was kid-free. We did some shopping, some lounging and then we wanted to eat dinner. We are not ones big on chains. Don't get me wrong, we'll eat at a Cheesecake Factory with the best of 'em, its just that we'd prefer a tucked away no name ethnic restaurant.

We set off to find ourselves one such gem. We headed to a ritzy little Cleveland suburb called Chagrin Falls. Oh my cuteness.
It was one of the first really nice Friday evenings Cleveland has seen since the Winter and it was apparent. People were out in droves, roaming about. There were several cute restaurants right on the falls, but we spotted an adorable Asian fusion place right on the main street with 2 bistro tables on the sidewalk. Yes, please.

It was lovely. There was even a duet of acoustic guitar players who provided us with live music the whole time we were there. And, they were actually good. Not annoying. (Although I look like I might have some kind of hunch back in the pic, *which fyi, I don't*, I thought I'd let you see how really close they were to us.)
And the food? Oh, my, the food. Although, I make it a general rule in our marriage to NOT share food with Steve (he takes MORE than his share and I get bitter) we decided to order 3 dishes and share. The goat cheese pot stickers (melt in your mouth goodness), spicy tuna rolls and Undon noodles with spicy beef. Yum.
After dinner we browsed the great boutiques right there downtown. Steve is a trooper and humored me. I could have bought one of everything from here, but managed to get out with just snapping some photos.
I thought to myself *several* times, "I would have totally missed this fun shop if the kids were with us." Because if I had Turner with me, we would have walked out with LOTS of broken adorable things. I'm pretty sure *you break it you buy it* still applies, right?
After window shopping we hit an old fashioned popcorn store with hand made ice cream for dessert. The whole getaway was perfect from start to finish. I may have even declared it my favorite getaway of married life. I think I've hit the stage of motherhood where it doesn't matter where I go, it's appreciating the time away, alone with Steve, doing what we like to do best.
Now I'm rested and ready to go get 'em.
Who volunteers to watch 'em next weekend?

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Lisa said...

Love it, E!!! You deserve a night away just you and Steve. So glad it worked out and that you had such a good time. Read all your blog posts and love them. I can hear your voice reading them. Thinking of you my friend and praying for you every day! love and hugs!